Not Your Typical “White Supremacist”

Jamal Gray JPG Manch PD

In late October someone spray-painted swastikas “in and around” Wagner Memorial Park. About a block from the Temple Adath Yeshurun. They were discovered the day of the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

The initial reaction by ‘some people’ is to declare it the work white supremacists. In recent years this refrain has been followed by ‘Trump.’ Every individual act is an expression of an intolerance reignited by Trump. It is not, but that is the narrative.

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Haters, Haters, Everywhere?

Tell that to Linda Sarsour and the Women’s March. Or, to Calypso Louis Farrakhan. Tell it to the preponderance of Israel hating leftists who for decades have despised Jews and the Jewish state. They may not be painting swastikas out in public, but they are actively pursuing real-world policies detrimental to our ally and its supporters.

That does not mean that someone who paints a swastika in public is aligned with them. Nor, Trump. Nor anyone. Because sometimes it is just someone being a punk. Or, looking for attention. Showing off for “friends” or doing it on a dare.

They never intended it to mean anything. But that’s not how the world works. Hitler and the Nazis perverted the ancient symbol and the world is not going to just get over it. So, Jamal Gray, pictured above, will have to suffer some consequence for his actions.

The nineteen-year-old faces two charges of criminal mischief. If he were white or had the right sort of tattoos (or political affiliation) some people would be clamoring for the addition of hate crimes. White supremacist. Hater. He is not. They are not. Not to my knowledge. But, according to reporting by Mark Hayward in the Union Leader,

“The juvenile then said he knows ‘how bad swastikas are,’” police wrote. The youth admitted he spray painted a swastika on a fence at Russell and Prospect streets.

He knew how bad it was. So, is it racist to assume he can’t be some sort of “supremacist?” Is it racist to assume he might? 

A Yes or No Answer is not Required.

The Left controls this narrative and it is entirely subjective – who said it about whom and who gets to decide. That’s the culture we have allowed the Left to create. A Social Justice Star Chamber peopled by a court of left-wing opinion. 

Which is why hate speech and hate crimes don’t exist. There is hate. There are crimes. Everything else is a social-engineering construct. A series of paddocks into which we are being herded. 

Jamal will probably pay a fine and do some public penance. He’ll have to decide if he’s learned his lesson.

We have to decide if we shall continue to allow the left to run its cultural star chamber. To allow forces on the right to aid and abet: to determine who will be pilloried by the press and who will get the light touch, or no touch at all.

The hour is getting late. The battle is slipping away from us. Indifference is its own kind of evil.

Image Credit: Manchester Police Department