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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Partners With #MeToo Hypocrites and Anti-Semites

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The actual Ben & Jerry sold their company years ago to retire the way all ‘Good’ advocates of socialism do. Filthy rich thanks to an economic system their policy advocacy appears to abhor.

Not to worry. The company they left behind is still just as hypocritical and pretentious without them. Their newest flavor is Pecan #Resist and the “profits” will support The Women’s March.

Ben & Jerry’s launched a new ice cream Tuesday called Pecan Resist. “This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump’s regressive agenda,” the company said in a statement.

Trump derangement syndrome continues to lead to hyperbolic leaps of stupid.

Three of the four founders of the Women’s March have close ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, an open anti-Semite who they refuse to denounce.

…The best we got is a deep dive into the group’s relationship with Farrakhan in The Atlantic—a news source people on the left might actually be willing to listen to.

“Mass movements are sewn together from a wide variety of sources, so they often sweep in unwanted companions as they move toward their goals. No one, however, expected to discover that three Women’s March co-chairs—Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory—had ties to Farrakhan,” John-Paul Pagano wrote. “More mysterious and disturbing was the extended reluctance of the Women’s March, nearly a year since it became public, to acknowledge Farrakhan’s extremist views and disassociate themselves from them.”

The #Resist movement, if you missed it or just didn’t know is an effort funded by globalists to socialize America by resisting tax cuts, stopping reductions in the regulatory state, ending advances toward smaller government, and preventing more local control. #Resist liberty. #Resist trust in everyday Americans. #Resist citizen-driven government.

The goal is to protect the massive expansion of the state under Obama and to expand centralized planning and control, lead by hypocrats to whom neither the law nor their own rhetoric applies.

The Women’s March leadership has said things like ‘don’t humanize Jews.’ It has opposed the shutting down of a prostitution and child sex-trafficking website. It is not inclusive. And it denies the rights of millions of women, those that do not agree and those who are denied the right to happiness, liberty, and life via abortion.

My suggestion is that you listen to Ben & Jerry’s and Resist. Don’t buy their pretentious anti-American bulls**t or their over-priced ice cream.  If you do, you are funding the mob culture, anti-semitism, sex-trafficking, and violence against anyone who disagrees with anything the Left believes.