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NH Domestic and Sexual Violence Group Members Pose for Selfie With Alleged Abuser

Copy Corey Booker Grady Sexton selfie

Amanda Grady Sexton is the Public Affairs Director for the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (NHCADSV). Madison Lightfoot is a Communications specialist with same.

Corey Booker is a (potential) 2020 Presidential aspirant for the Democrat party. He has also been accused of sexual assault or harassment by both a woman and a man.

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So let’s get a picture. The women with the NHCADSV are all smiles with a guy accused of sexual violence.

When challenged on her Facebook page about the apparent contradiction, Amanda Grady Sexton replied,

Amanda Grady Sexton Corey Booker FB comment

Does that make it better or worse?

Is there a distinction between “meeting with every candidate” and posing for that selfie?

You decide. But let’s not forget the rules.

“…if there is one takeaway I gathered from the Brett Kavanaugh hearing it is that all accusations against public figures are true until proven otherwise. That because this is job interview not a court of law, that the candidate has to disprove all allegations against him–and I also learned that denying an allegation is de facto proof of guilt.”

These rules matter and Booker is clearly on an “interview” tour.

and they are honored by the NHCADSV except where Democrats are concerned. The group was dismissive of accusations that it was giving Jeff Woodburn a pass while it opposed Brett Kavanaugh.  There are other incidences of such indifference.

Working for a Drug Addict and “Alleged” Trafficker

Grady-Sexton was also paid to lobby for a destructive so-called victims-rights pet project, Marcy’s Law. By an opioid using billionaire. This is New Hampshire. Opioid Epidemic Ground zero. Optics issues, anyone?

Back in February, WMUR reported on how the billionaire, Henry Nichols III, had been cleared of charges involving drugs and prostitutes in 2010. At the time Grady Sexton remarked that “she is fully confident in Nicholas and comfortable working with the organization he heads” (Marsy’s Law for All).

In August of the same year, Nichols was busted in a Vegas hotel room with heroin, cocaine, meth, and ecstasy. Ashley Fargo was found unconscious on the floor with a balloon still hanging out of her mouth. Paramedics had to revive her. Nichols had so many drugs in his possession that the police charged him with intent to distribute. 

Nichols previous drug charges related to possession and distribution. He is alleged to have used his Gulfstream to distribute pot and narcotics during travel between California and Las Vegas. He was charged but not tried because of wrongdoing by prosecutors in a separate stock fraud case. 

The evidence suggests he was guilty as charged and got lucky. 

If the Drugs Are Not a Problem…

If Amanda Grady Sexton is comfortable taking a paycheck from a drug trafficker why would the victim’s rights advocate be bothered by smiling for a selfie with an accused sex offender? He’s not Brett Kavanaugh, right?

I think the NHCADSV has a PR problem. Created by their PR Director. She’s grinning in a photo with a Democrat loitering in the Granite State. Probably in pursuit of higher office. With the shadow of sexual abuse allegations hanging over his head.

Could anyone else get away with that?

Exit question: Does Amanda Grady-Sexton also have a pink pussy-hat? The Women’s March bemoaned the shut down of a child and sex trafficking website. Maybe Grady Sexton is having a full-blown Kate D’Adamo moment, and it just hasn’t caught up with her yet?