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Dick’s Sporting Goods Considers Dropping Hunting Gear as Sales Decline


Dick’s Sporting Goods joined the ‘Gun Control’ bandwagon after the Parkland School shooting. Dick’s announced they would no longer sell AR-15’s or firearms to anyone under 21-years of age. Nothing has gone right for them since. Not really.

First, the 2A community ridiculed them. Then the National Shooting Sports Foundation expelled them. By September sales were down 4%. And it’s become clear to many that the decision was not good for business.

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Same-store sales growth is not meeting expectations and the stock is down 4.5%. Investors are pissed and JP Morgan Chase downgraded them. And while gun sales are down nationally (Trump is not perceived as a threat to the second amendment like Obama), the decision to stop selling “scary rifles” or to 18-20 year-olds has cost them in other ways.

But while Bolitsky didn’t come out and say it directly, it seems that Dick’s’ decision to cut down on its gun sales had an impact in other areas of its business. Gun owners and pro-gun consumers may not be able to buy their guns from Dick’s any longer, but they also seem to have made the conscious decision not to trust Dick’s as an outfitter for any of their other needs — particularly their hunting needs.

Dick’s has seen a decline in sales of its hunting gear overall — such a decline that they’re considering removing hunting and outdoors equipment from all of their stores in order to boost their bottom line and cull some of their excess inventory.

The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting but if your business model is based on virtue signaling what better time to pander to far-left militant animal rights activists than to dump everything having to do with hunting.

They’re not saying that I am. It’s perfect.

They can use some of that retail floor space for goat-yoga classes or a Starbucks-like Bistro (no plastic straws). Add a few genderless bathrooms and maybe even a planned parenthood kiosk, sorry- women’s “health” (wink-wink) help center.

Politics is after all a sport. Just asks Dick’s. They stepped into the arena and got a right hook to the orbital ridge, and now they can’t see straight.

H/T The Daily Wire

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