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Why Donald Trump is an Existential Threat…

Trump vs DC

The government is an institution like any other. As such, it relies on certain understandings. There is a natural order. A chain of command. Matters of deference. It has rules, a culture, and these things sustain its “survival.” An existence separate from the Constitution that created it and defines it.

Those of us outside that institution – which is ironic because it only exists at our will, or should – are expected to conduct ourselves according to these rules. To defer to the titles as if they belong to nobility. Ignore petty scandals. Give deference to the government class for it is their destiny to rule not ours.

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The Democrats run the program. The media sells it. Republicans readily join in the chorus. And the institution grows and consumes the substance of the people it exists to serve. As long as everyone plays the game, there is peace and order in the ‘galaxy.’

Along comes Mr. Trump

The 2016 Election cycle was not lacking in qualified Republican leaders, but only one of them had no apparent connection to the institution. Donald Trump. Mr. Trump did not care about their rules. He was not interested in deference. He didn’t need their ladder to success, their money, their favors, or their power.

The Country class picked him, and America elected him. Consequently, the Institution of “government” has been in rebellion ever since. Mr. Trump still does not care.

Donald Trump doesn’t just plow through every charge, every narrative, and every smear. He rhetorically carpet bombs his detractors along the way. President Trump goes after the progressive political class and its water-carriers, regardless of party or profession, every day.

He challenges party and media narratives while keeping his eyes on the prize. The issues he ran on. The promises he made. The things that got him elected.

That is why Donald Trump is an existential threat…to the political class. The Institution of government. The Democrat party that runs it. The partisan media that sells it for them. And the Establishment Republicans who aid and abet. They cannot afford to have more Donald Trumps.

Imagine if you will a world where more Republicans Act Like Donald Trump

It is critical for any candidate who aligns with Trump to come under immediate fire from the left. Probably with media air cover. The institution of government can’t afford any more loose cannons.

Candidates and politicians get earned media. Every one of them that refuses to give deference to the rules and culture of the institution must be shut down, silenced, smeared, destroyed if necessary.

A message must be sent. If you do not lay down like the rest, if you try to be Trump, we will put you down.

Watch and learn

There is one rule of the institution of government that Mr. Trump plays. The one they use to destroy their opposition. Only Mr. Trump exercises this against them, proactively. He does not wait for the media to pillory him, he leads with a right. The result is that he gets to define them in no less flattering terms than they have ever labeled any Republican before him.

For this, he is labeled as uncouth, unprofessional, ill-mannered, divisive, hateful.

Looking at it from their perspective, these things they claim are all true. He isn’t like other Republicans. He isn’t like other Republican Presidents. And this gives him a considerable soap-box with which to treat them the way they have treated us for decades — the way they treat Republicans, even when those Republicans have toed their line from time-to-time.

The Democrats and the ruling class will do or say anything to thwart him and destroy him because he not only refuses to be one of them he inspires others to do the same.

They cannot allow that to which I respond, be Donald Trump.

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