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The National Shooting Sports Foundation Expels Dick’s Sporting Goods

After Parkland Dick’s Sporting Goods declared that it would no longer sell ‘scary rifles’ nor would it sell firearms to anyone under the age of twenty-one. Since then, Dick’s is reported to have hired three lobbyists to push Gun Control which the NSSF has decided is a bridge too far.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industries, Board of Governors today unanimously voted to expel Dick’s Sporting Goods from membership for conduct detrimental to the best interests of the Foundation,” the group announced.

Mossberg. Hi-Point and Springfield Armory had already severed ties with the chain before the NSSF dropped them. And now Firearms accessories supplier Hogue has decoded it can no longer do business with Dick’s.

“Hogue has a long-standing tradition of supporting American enthusiasts with top quality firearm accessories and refuses to work with any organization who supports restricting the rights our Founders fought to provide and protect,” third-generation managing owner Neil Hogue told

Dick’s has made a clear commitment to the anti-gun lobby. Should we expect, at some point, for them to get out of the firearms business altogether? That is if the firearms industry doesn’t first leave them with no choice?