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Obama Era Program Allowed Parkland Shooter To Commit Mass Murder

ParklandThe government-will-protect-you-narratives of the gun-ban left took a few more hits this week. Broward County School Officials finally admitted (discovered?) that Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz was referred to the Obama-Era program that prevents arrests for behavior that would have prevented Cruz from buying the gun he used in the shooting spree.

But we already knew that, didn’t we?

Any chance David Hogg will drop his old new friends on the gun-ban left and shift his focus to the real accomplices in that mass murder? Elected Democrats, Barack Obama, and Obama’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR)?

The Obama Administration OCR was reportedly tasked with applying pressure to districts to implement the Promise Program.

More than 500 schools have enacted similar discipline protocols rather than face federal civil rights investigations, prompting teachers and administrators to manipulate the numbers to avoid scrutiny, said Max Eden, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

You know what that means? These dead kids belong on the doorstep of Obama, career Democrats, and the elected politicians who support them. Progressive social engineering and the systematic collapse of security protocols (See also the benevolent State) are to blame for this tragedy, not the NRA or law-abiding gun owners.

But don’t expect the media or anyone that covered for Obama while in office to do an about-face. They are after all in this together. The systemic failure is that thing to which they all belong.

It only seems right that they all be held accountable together.