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And Obama is still trying to convince us that Obamacare is “affordable”

Mmmm, yeah, and I kept my doctor, too:

“And most folks can find coverage for $50 to $100/month. That’s probably less than your cell phone bill.”

Yeah, we’ve heard that line as well.  Of COURSE it’s affordable – when someone else is paying for it (and not when it’s not).  Now, my cell bill, for two lines, is much less than $100 but a bit more than $50.  But tell me, WHO else has health insurance for that amount of money – if they have to pay for it themselves?  Especially as Chief Proctologist & Hectorer-in-Chief (in politics, that is) Zandra Rice-Hawkins (who is rather upset because REPUBLICANS ARE SABOTAGING Obamacare – who would EVER think that??):

Sidenote: WHY is Rice-Crispies being quoted in the Charlotte Observer?  Why would they down there care about what’s happening here in NH?

Could it be that “the healthcare care is too damned high”?

Fewer people in New Hampshire have signed up for insurance under former President Barack Obama’s health care law this year as the enrollment deadline nears. Figures released Thursday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services show that as of Dec. 1, about 15,000 people had signed up in New Hampshire, compared to more than 19,000 by the same time last year. That amounts to a 20 percent drop. Nationally, enrollment is down about 11 percent to date compared to last year. Many Democrats blame the Trump administration for the lagging numbers, as funding for publicity and consumer outreach has been slashed. But independent experts say there may be other reasons, too. In a strong economy, people are more likely to find jobs with coverage, and Congress got rid of the requirement that most people carry health insurance or risk fines.

Well, the bolded part is one reason why the “force others to pay for someone else” are screaming sabotage.  They also hate the idea that the Federal government is not spending other peoples’ money to do the “federally funded “navigators” to help people sign up, community health centers and other facilities have consumer assisters on staff” to find and educate others spend yet others’ monies to for themselves.  But Obama is perfectly fine with this fiscal model – he is, after all, an accolyte of Saul Alinsky who’s raison d’etre was to find ways to force “the Haves” to pay for “the Have-Nots”.  Certainly at the lowest end, the Have-Nots are now the Haves, but all the Progressives did was to move the window on who the “Have-Nots” are now – those that USED to be able to be self-reliant are now not.  Consider this a sliding scale Cloward-Piven move (overload the bottom of the scale, spend money on them, until those just above the “get it for a cell phone price” stampede government in saying “now us, too!”.

Oh, I almost forgot our favoritist Progressive – Zandra:

While the state no longer has any federally funded “navigators” to help people sign up, community health centers and other facilities have consumer assisters on staff, and the Covering New Hampshire organization has been working with providers and advocacy groups to publicize the enrollment period. Project manager Zandra Rice Hawkins reminded consumers that insurance plans sold through the Affordable Care Act marketplace must cover 10 essential benefits, including preventive services, mental health and substance use disorder treatment. “It is important that people read the details for any health insurance plan purchased outside the marketplace, because it does not necessarily have to cover those essential health benefits,” she said.

Always the condescending tone from Rice-Hawkins.  Ya think, Zandra, they all ready know that?  That they already know that BECAUSE of the cheaper price – but she can’t admit to that Government can’t figure out what is best for any specific individual – so she’s all in with “one-size-fits-all” with the use of force….oops, no more force as the right thinking Republicans eliminated the “tax for buying nothing”, formerly known as the Individual Mandate.  And while it is clear that she’s all in that the Government knows best what is good for the rest of us (she ain’t the head of Granite State Progress for nothing – Progressives think rather dimly of Individuals making their own decisions), she refuses to get her head around the fact that the insurance I have doesn’t force me to have natal care (I’m well past that age and so is TMEW) or a whole host of other things SHE believes is “essential” but only costs me money for nothing that I’d ever use.

It’s who she is and who she represents.  They’re all about “Freedom from” things like making bad decisions that have bad consequences, freedom from hunger, freedom from injecting bad stuff into your body, freedom from your parents (abortion, parental notification in education); the list goes on. Freedom from Government (what the Founders thought was true freedom)?  Naw – that’s an evil libertarian outlook that those believing that anyone could survive on their own without the hands of Government on your hips twisting you in its chosen path for you.

In fact, I bet she’d be all upset that I bypassed her beloved Obamacare by going with Medi-Share. And I don’t have to pay for anyone’s abortions. or other politically correct “procedure”. It certainly more than most peoples’ cell phone bills

(H/T: Townhall)