NH Secretary of State - Dems are proving that if you cross them, they will destroy you. - Granite Grok

NH Secretary of State – Dems are proving that if you cross them, they will destroy you.


“It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

-Joseph Stalin (apocryphally)

December fifth is another election here in NH but to one in which none of us “regular” people get to cast a vote: the important Secretary of State.  Important office – it is responsible for not only the business side of the State (company formations, reporting forms, and the like) as well as the election side (thus, the quote above). In addition, it has been Bill Gardner that has ensured that the NH First In The Nation Primary has stayed exactly that. However, it is that middle part, about elections, that is of most concern here at this time. However, this is an election that is the sole prerogative of our State Legislators – both the NH House Representatives and the NH State Senators.  They, and they alone, vote on the candidates.  This year, for the first time in a long time, there is a rival to Bill Gardner – a craven, self-serving Democrat Colin Van Ostern who decided that this was prime time to go full Political Opportunist and had $250K to spend campaigning for the office.

No one, except Van Ostern,  has faulted Bill Gardner on anything that he has done on the job (in fact, even Ray Buckley, NH Dem Chair, has praised him in the past on his FITN ceaseless work UNTIL he transgressed two Major Pillars of the NH Democrat Party:

  • Never cooperate with the EVIL political enemy that is anyone not a Democrat (remember what Mussolini said and adapt it for the Democrats)
  • NEVER admit that voter fraud exists

Unfortunately, in trying to protect the FITN and make sure that Voter Fraud was not an issue here (remember James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas crew showing how easy Voter Fraud CAN be here in NH??), Gardner joined Trumps voter fraud commission. Thus, like we have seen over and over these past few years, the Democrats are out to destroy Gardner; destroy his reputation, destroy his office, destroy his life’s work.  The most rabid among them would be happy to see him destitute and out on the street and in the gutter if there was a way to do so – it is who they are. It is no longer to merely disagree – it is our way and only our way (again, search Mussolini here on GraniteGrok for the meme) and anyone that says or does different, well, now you know the result.

And result is this from the Democrat caucus on Friday:

Colin Van Ostern of Concord, the 2016 Democratic nominee for governor, crushed incumbent Secretary of State Bill Gardner among these party regulars, winning a 179-23 non-binding vote.

They are out for blood and are making no bones about it. They want him out and they want him gone.  Transgressions.

There are a 176 Republican House and Senate legislators.  I hear that with the Democrat vote, they are now coalescing around the idea of voting as a block (and in a blocking maneuver) for Gardner. I hope they do.  I hope that the 23 that voted for Gardner stay firm – that gets him to 199.  He needs 218.  Will he be able to peel off a few of the other Dems to keep his job?

No one knows but Van Ostern will certainly go down as having bought the seat.  MY concern is where did all that money come from?  Every time the topic comes up, I think of the George Soros S.O.S. project – funding progressive and Soros aligned candidates for what should be a non-partisan job (and Ostern is CERTAINLY an Uber-partisan) simple because of the wisdom of that quote at the top of this post: who counts the votes.  Ancillary: and HOW do they count the votes.

Both matter.

Just look at what has happened, aGAIN, in Florida due to those who counted the votes.  I also think back to Minnesota when Democrat comedian Al Franken beat Republican Norm Coleman by 312 votes out of almost 3 million. I remember, over and over, thinking “well, this is it, Coleman won” and yet another “previously unknown box of ballots” would show up and invariably be in favor of the Democrat.  And don’t get me started in on Arizona just now and constantly Chicago. He who counts the votes matters – and should Republicans count on the fact that Van Ostern will be dispassionate and non-partisan on the most important part of the job?

I also know that many NH races come down to a mere handful of votes, one way or the other (see Steve’s post here). Votes count and so should the voters.  Rather lopsided elections are not part of this discussion – it is the one, two, or 10 or so vote differences are why Soros’s funded SecState candidates.

Now, do I know that Van Ostern WAS funded, at least in part, by one of Soros’s front groups?  No, not definitively and it won’t be well after the vote on December 5 that we can figure that out. In the meantime, I urge Republican legislators to make a stand and vote for Bill Gardner. God help us if he loses.

After all, Van Ostern wants “automatic voter registration” – yeah, that’ll be a process completely void of hanky-panky, won’t it? But he will be counting those that will be voting, won’t he?