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London Bans Obesity “Assault Food” Ads on All Public Transportation

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Despite being one of those “Gun-Free zones” London has more murders than New York City. So, what should we expect from their new Junk Food Ad Ban? Well, London’s response to their murder problem led to a knife ban. Perhaps banning food altogether is the answer?

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“It is absolutely imperative that we take tough action against this ticking time bomb now, and reducing exposure to junk food advertising has a role to play in this – not just for children, but parents, families and carers who buy food and prepare meals.

… The mayor has also proposed that new hot food takeaways be banned from opening within 400 meters of schools.

He could call it the Safe Kids Gun free, knife free, Food Free School Act. Don’t worry. It’s not fat-shaming. It’s “you’re too stupid to make the right choices” shaming. That’s what progressive government is all about.

Just don’t dare ask why they might be that way in the first place.

Children and their caregivers are exposed to ads for assault food at every turn. On the train, the bus, the ferry, cabs, it’s everywhere. Being both affordable and accessible, hungry people just eat it. But if the smart people take away the pictures of the food they will realize that what they want if fruits and vegetables and the higher quality foods they still can’t afford.

You Made Me First!

I’m not sure how Mayor Kahn plans to address affordability. I suspect the majority of the people he refers to are already in the warm embrace of Englands cradle-to-grave nanny state. Many of them are there for no other reason than that it exists and it is easier than striving for something else. And government-run education systems are known for providing the skills necessary to strive beyond the subsistence lifestyle the state provides.

The capital has one of the highest child overweight and obesity rates in Europe, with almost 40% of children aged 10 and 11 overweight or obese.

Children from more deprived areas are more affected, with young people in Barking and Dagenham almost twice as likely to be overweight as children from Richmond.

The wards of the state have the worst outcomes.

“It’s completely unacceptable that in a city as prosperous as London, where you live and the amount you earn can have a massive impact on whether you have access to healthy, nutritious food. I’m determined to change this.”

So, how does Mayor Kahn change that? More programs, bureaucrats, and taxes to fund them. The inevitable end result of which is a fatter government. 


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