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How Long Before Cutlery Stores Are Treated Like Gun Shops?

David Mellor Design Kitchen Knife SetsEngland took away the guns, so the criminals turned to other tools. Knives have become quite popular among London’s criminals. Their use has made the city a murder capital to rival New York City.

In response, the mayor banned knives in public. Its citizens may be required to pass through public metal detectors or could be subject to random searches. If they are carrying a knife they will be arrested and prosecuted.

So, how the heck do you get your cutlery purchase home from the local David Mellor Design Shop?

I was not successful in my attempt to uncover how you get these common kitchen items, from there or anywhere else that dares to sell kitchen cutlery, from the point of purchase to your residence. Because if you’re not careful, you’ll end up in the pokey.

The most common knife used in teenage stabbings is taken from the kitchen, Sir Ian Blair has said.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner unveiled some of the deadly weapons seized during a two-week blitz on knife-carrying criminals at New Scotland Yard.

Sir Ian revealed that the majority of those weapons discovered on the streets of the capital were ordinary domestic knives.

He said more than 4,000 operations have been undertaken by his officers using arch metal detectors and handheld scanners.

As a result, more than 200 people have been arrested and almost 200 weapons have been seized.

Not to worry. David Mellon Designs is a bit high end. A bit trendy and posh for the average street thug. And the MET “is targeting both where weapons are used and where those who use them live.”

Profiling. Well, that’s just crazy. As is Mayor Kahn approving the practice after insisting for quite some time that it was both racist and potentially islamophobic.

So, who are they targeting? I can’t say, but as I noted here, much like the American TSA, I bet it’s not Muslims. Even though they are overwhelmingly associated with the other thing, London banned in public – acid. There’s been an increase in crimes related to “people” throwing acid on the faces of others in public along with all the stabbings.


But, back to the point. How do you get your cutlery home? Parliment is said to have proposed a ban on online knife sales so no home delivery of knives.

You can’t carry them on the streets of London and to quote the mayor, ‘there is never a reason to carry a knife.’

It’s a pointed problem for which I am certain a robust black-market solution has availed itself. But what are the law-abiding to do? Will the local constable arrange for an inspection and delivery service so folks can cut their bread and meat or chop a veggie? Will there be a ministry of pointy objects to oversee the background checks, registration, and transportation?

Or will the mayor consign the entire population of London to eating government approved soups? At least until they find a need to address spoon related crimes.

Then it’s back to eating with your hands – which are also weapons, but a bit more difficult to ban.

That will leave them faced with the actual problem. It’s not about the tools it is about the people and the culture.

They have no desire to wrestle with that but by then it will be well past too late if it isn’t too late already.


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