So-Called “Bi-Partisan” Democrat Ann Kuster Voted with Her Party 94.5% of the Time


The Editors

If the “Ann Kuster is a bipartisan” narrative sounds familiar to voters in New Hampshire Congressional District 2 that’s because it is. The candidate, her campaign, her state party, and all her PAC and lobbyist money are behind making the point in the weeks leading to Nov. 6. Ann Kuster is everyone’s candidate. But it is not true.

It’s not true, and Ann Kuster (when she bothers to come around at all), her campaign, her state party, and all her PAC and lobbyist money know it. And so do a lot of others.

Pro Publica reports that Ann Kuster votes with Democrats 94.5 percent of the time.

GovTrack.US has consistently rated Ann Kuster to the Left of Nancy Pelosi.

As for legislation, a narrative Annie and the Party are working hard; the most recent GovTrack analysis says “Kuster tends to gather cosponsors only on one side of the aisle.” They mean the Democrat side.

This is not surprising. Nor is Kuster running as a moderate. When Kuster ran against Charlie Bass in 2012, the narrative was that Bass was a partisan for voting with his own party 83% of the time. Kuster won, went to Washington, and votes with Democrats 94.5 percent of the time.

She’s almost 12% more partisan than the too “partisan” Charlie Bass.

But don’t let that stop you. It is now 2018, and Ann Kuster and the NH Democrats are running on the same narrative as they did in 2012. Ann Kuster is/will be the bipartisan choice, and they are actually arguing that her legisaltive history proves that. But “GovTrack analysis says ‘Kuster tends to gather cosponsors only on one side of the aisle.’ Hers.

Ann Kuster has never been bipartisan, and the progressive intelligentsia and Ann Kuster herself are proud of that.

Daily Kos, 2010: Kuster “Is Our Kind Of Candidate” And “An Outspoken Progressive.” “That Democratic primary features a clear choice: Strong progressive Ann McLane Kuster… Kuster is our kind of candidate, … an outspoken progressive who is running a campaign in touch with the grassroots of her state.” (Laura Clawson, “Orange To Blue: Ann McLane Kuster, NH-02,” Daily Kos, 4/14/10)

That would be the Democrat nutroots, progressive, Bernie Sanders Democrat Socialist grassroots.

The Huffington Post Called Kuster A “Progressive Favorite” When She Announced Her 2012 Bid For Congress. “Five months after narrowly losing the race for New Hampshire’s second congressional seat, progressive favorite Ann McLane Kuster has announced that she’s jumping back in for another run in 2012. … Many had considered her primary victory as a big win for progressives…(“Progressive Favorite Ann Kuster Announces 2012 Run,” The Huffington Post, 3/29/11)

A win for progressives, not bi-partisans.

Even when speaking about herself, Ann Kuster self-labels as a progressive.  ‘I would say I’m one of the strongest supporters of the president in the entire Congress.’” (“Live Blog: Rep. Kuster On The Exchange,”, 2/20/14; Audio Link).

That would be Mr. Obama the most progressive and perhaps least bipartisan president in modern history.

The far-left Progressive Change Campaign Committee is all-in on Ann Kuster, making her election in a top priority. ‘Annie Kuster is a bold progressive champ who will be at the forefront of fighting for a progressive economic and jobs agenda…,’ PCCC co-founder Stephanie Taylor said…” (“Progressive Favorite Ann Kuster Announces 2012 Run,” The Huffington Post, 3/29/11)

Ann Kuster ran as a bipartisan in 2012 then voted the Democrat party line almost 95% of the time.

Ann Kuster is running in 2018 as a bipartisan and if you send her back to Washington guess what’s going to happen? She’s going to vote with her party 95% of the time.

Ann Kuster lied to voters in 2012. She’s lying to them in 2018.

But why? If Ann is proud to be an Obama Democrat, and the progressive Fan-(insert preferred pronoun her) love her for that, and her voting record proves she is a party-line Democrat Socialist or whatever they are these days, why pretend to be something she is not?

Is it because 45% of her constituents think it’s time for someone else to represent them in Washington?

Whatever the reason there’s nothing bipartisan about Ann Kuster no matter who says it or how many times. has endorsed Steve Negron for Congress.