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First Black Unemployment, and Now Hispanic Unemployment Hits a Record Low

Employment for ‘people of color’ continues to set records under President Trump. Back in April 2018, we reported on record-low 5.9% unemployment for black Americans. That’s the lowest its ever been. Ever.

In June 2018, Hispanic-Latino unemployment (ages 16 and up) reached an all-time low of 4.6 percent. The lowest since records were kept. And this isn’t just a one-month thing.

During the 17 full months of the Trump administration, beginning in February 2017, Hispanic-Latino unemployment has averaged 5.0%.

How does that compare to Obama?

In contrast, the national Hispanic-Latino unemployment rate averaged 9.4% during President Barack Obama’s eight years (96 months) in office, impacted by the 2008 recession, which officially ended in June of 2009, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Mr. Trump’s economic agenda continues to improve the lives of Black’s and Hispanics in America even though Democrats, including New Hampshire’s delegation, refuse to share this great news. (reformatted)

Not one member of New Hampshire’s All Gurl Democrat Delegation has written a single word about it since it was announced eight days ago. Nothing. No mention of the jobs numbers at all about which even the New York Times could not stop gushing.

Do they not care about blacks getting jobs? Are they not interested in their economic independence and growth?

Which begs the question, “do they care about Hispanics and Latino’s finding employment in record setting numbers?

I don’t think they do.

Good news for blacks and Hispanics is no news if it happens during the tenure of a Republican president.

But do Democrats realize that their not issuing a press release in support of groups they claim to champion does not detract from the reality that actual Blacks and Hispanics in America know they are finding jobs. Their families know too.

And I bet they don’t think of their new paychecks as crumbs, either.

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