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How ‘Bi-Partisan’ is Ann Kuster…?

kuster with pelosi

How ‘Bipartisan’ is Ann Kuster? She can’t even name a Republican she admires.

Roger Wilkins, Steve Negron’s general consultant, released the following statement:

“Listening to Congresswoman Ann Kuster stumble over her words as she unsuccessfully tried to come up with just a single Republican she ‘admires’ in Congress would be laughable if it wasn’t so concerning. NH-02 deserves an independent representative who is willing and able to work with individuals from both parties when they have good ideas. Regrettably, with Congresswoman Kuster, Granite Staters currently have a partisan ideologue representing them in Washington. One who is only concerned with keeping liberal special interest groups appeased enough so that they continue to fill her campaign coffers.

“It is imperative for us to retire Kuster on November 6th and to finally send Steve Negron to fight on New Hampshire’s behalf. We cannot afford another two years of her inability to find common ground or her refusal to fix the broken culture of Washington.”

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