Don't Expect New Revelations on Collusion Narrative Unless They Are About Democrats - Granite Grok

Don’t Expect New Revelations on Collusion Narrative Unless They Are About Democrats

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Can you hear it? The silence coming from the Mueller investigation? You thought it had something to do with the media being obsessed with Judge (now Justice) Kavanaugh. All that noise drowning out the squeaky wheel coming from the “Special” prosecutors office. Think again.

Think back to September 21st when we reported on the sudden about-face by Congressional Democrats who went from “let’s see what’s under those redactions” to “we can’t do that because – National Security.” But it’s not about spies of assets of foreign contacts. Exposing those details unravels the scheme and puts significant players on the Left at risk. It also undermines the media air cover which has been overplaying this hand for two years.

Exposing the redactions is the beginning of the end for the fairy tale. And for Democrats, there is no happy ending. They know it. Mueller knows it. And to a skilled negotiator like Donald Trump who lives to make deals that situation is the most valuable of assets.

The state of play is this: the congressional investigation has progressed to the point that it’s clear beyond cavil that the entire Russia narrative is, in fact, a hoax and fraud – both on the American people in general and on our legal system.  This is to say real criminal liability exists for the key players who developed the plot against Trump.

To date Mr. Mueller has ‘uncovered’ nothing having to do with his mandate – Russian collusion to alter an election. He has dispensed a number of cases for things that are illegal or things manufactured for the press (like lying to the FBI). His probing combined with pressure from the press has forced Facebook and Twitter to spend millions on the appearance of having nothing to do with aiding and abetting collusion – an impossible task given their ideological leanings and history of deliberate partisan meddling.

To quote Peter Strzok, “There’s no big there-there.”

The redactions uncover a whole lot more and expose Mueller’s actual appointed purpose. To create distractions that hide collusion by Obama’s FBI, DoJ, and CIA, the DNC, the Hillary Campaign, and a handful of foreign water-carriers, to make opposition political research look like actionable intelligence to justify Watergate on digital steroids.

Leverage, anyone?  Declassification would expose all these foreign players, but the heaviest hit by far would be against the U.K. and its Australian poodle.  And so we learn that “key allies” “begged” Trump not to declassify that “origination material.

Mr. Trump has likely known these things from day one. It has been a pillar of his fake news attacks on the media because it was and has all been fake news and he knows it. As for the rest he has kept his powder dry, held his hand close to the vest, knowing more than they realized and always smarter than they could imagine because they are drunk on their own rhetoric. 

The question that remains is what will Mr. Trump do with his leverage and how will Democrats and our supposed allies respond?

Foreign powers, political campaigns, and the US intelligence community-holdovers from a Democrat Administration colluded to surveil prior to the election and then tried to use that to take out an elected President after it. They did more than just meddle in a US election.

That’s worth something. But what?

Mr. Trump, I am sure, has a few ideas.