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Kevin Hassett: No, This Is Not Obama’s Economy

Mr. Obama came out the other day to bash Mr. Trump for being a miserable president, then took credit for how good things are during the Trump Presidency.

No one on the left seems willing to make that challenge nor are they getting up and shouting all that much about how all their prognostications about the end of the world – should we cut taxes and regulations, or just elect Trump -have not only failed to come true, the opposite has happened.

The economy is booming, and it’s not because of Obama or any Democrat and here’s a guy to make that case.

Using charts and economic terms and math and did I say charts White House Economist Kevin Hassett shows the press (who could care less) the economic cause and effect game. Take Obama’s pieces off the board. Add Mr. Trumps. Tada! Economic recovery.

Record-breaking employment opportunities for youth and minorities. All from the so-called racist bigot white supremacist.

Revel in the understanding that Mr. Obama is seething and desperate for attention. The economy has changed, in some respects from the day Trump was announced the winner. In most cases there is no evidence the trend change could have anything to do with Obama, in dramatic fashion. The Democrats own words – and I’m not going to go dig them all up here – were reminders that growth and prosperity were relics of the past. The growing dependency on government programs – which they happen to love and advocate – were our future. That is clearly not the case. For now.

Democrats don’t want tax cuts or a booming economy. It gives you more power and with it more freedom. And they have promised to ruin it all if you make the mistake of believing anything they say and electing them.

Here’s Kevin Hassett to make his points.