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Er, you forgot something, Tom Friel, in your campaign ad!

And that would be…Friel_Ad no Paid By info

  • Who paid for it?
  • I take it that you don’t care about two entire towns in your district? Answer after the jump.

I am no fan of the current campaign laws as I think they are used often to preclude competition.

They are ginormous, convoluted, and pretty much is a very high bar to cross over in order to exercise your Right to Free Speech in things political.  And the incumbents like it that way. That all said, it is the law – so who really did pay for this ad in the local fishwrap?  Was it him?  Was it a supporter?

The other question to ask, since the MSM keeps wanting to position themselves as the “Gatekeepers to Truth”, why didn’t they point these lapses out?  After all, now they have become complicit in a law being broken.  Who was the advertising manager that accepted the ad without proofing it? How about the page setter that placed the ad for printing? How far up their chain would this go?

I agree about stopping unfunded State Mandates – but that goal is already in our NH Constitution (It’s my favorite Article as a Budget Committee member). Can you find it?  And why is it, having spent 7 years on your Select Board, that you are now just yammering about it?  Should you have already been using your Constitutional mandate and position to have, well, you know, started doing that at the start of your term(s)?

On your other goal, that of “Property Tax Relief and Reform” – you could have done that as a Selectman as well, right?  Your town’s spending

UPDATE:  I should have said ALL of your town’s spending, municipal and school. Sure, I know that he only CONTROLLED the former but could jawbone the latter…H/T to Steve B for pointing out that I needed more words here.

determines the majority of the local Property Tax burden.  You do realize that, right?  Sure, there’s the County part and Executive Councilor Andru “Cherish” Volinski’s State tax for education that are part of it.  So, what DID you do to lower your town’s spending so as to lower its tax burden?  What were were you advocating for in the name of Reform during your tenure?

Oh, I see – nada because you’ve kvetching about it now.  Good deal, dude.

Oh and that “Reform” part? What is your plan for that – is that more “Cherish-ing” so as to have outside-of-your-town people pay for your expenses by advocating for a broadbased tax on the rest of us?  After all, that fits in with the RINO and Democrat agenda, doesn’t it?  After all, you a Democrat 10 years ago, right?

Tom –  those towns you forgot: Warren and Easton.  Don’t they matter to you?


(H/T: Loyal Reader)