Apparently, Vicki Schwaegler didn't like the information I included in rejecting the Biomass veto effort - Granite Grok

Apparently, Vicki Schwaegler didn’t like the information I included in rejecting the Biomass veto effort

Vicki Schwaegler
Vicki Schwaegler

That would be here due to the news that she actively politicking on overriding Gov. Sununu’s veto override on SB 365 and SB 446 instead of recusing herself from the efforts due to her family’s landholding. I was told that she decided to run again (originally she wasn’t) in no small amount due to getting the override done and promote Crony Capitalism / Corporate welfare (and I reject what a lot of Republicans are saying, in effect, “everybody is getting a subsidy so why not them because JOBS!”. Sorry, this is not the Proper Role of Government to force the population to have their money taken from them to give to corporate interests; in this case, pay higher electrical bills all over the State for a fairly few number of people.  This is fair?

I even got an email over this from the Grafton Registry of Deeds complaining about the post I did – that email thread after the jump. Silly person.

So, is this effort by Schwaegler a “one off” – simply protecting the timber industry this one time and otherwise having a stellar record in upholding the Party Principles?

Hardly. Remembering Reagan’s 80% Rule Admonition, she doesn’t meet that low bar.  Again, let me repost her record on important issues vis-a-vis the platform:

  • HRA (House Republican Alliance – how do you vote in relationship to the GOP Platform): 61%  (that’s far less than 80%)
  • NHLA (NH Liberty Alliance – do you support individual Liberty): C (that’s below 80%)
  • AFP (Americans for Prosperity – do you support Free Markets) : F (that’s solid Democrat / Socialist rating)
Given her response to the subsidy veto at our expense, it is clear she’s not about Free Markets.  And here’s some of her other “noteworthy votes” (emphasis mine):
FOR an income tax and higher taxes (and forcing us to pay higher energy rates is a “hidden” tax):
  • 2018 HB628 for an income tax
  • 2018 HB1763 for a new road use tax
  • 2018 HB317 for higher energy rates
  • 2018 HB559 for higher energy rates
  • 2018 HB592 for higher energy rates
  • 2018 HB114 for higher energy rates
  • 2018 SB365 for higher energy rates
  • 2017 SB10 for milking taxpayers for corporate welfare
Against Free Speech:
  • 2018 HB587 against free speech for talk therapists
  • 2018 SB224 against free speech for talk therapists

Free Markets

  • 2018 HB1362 against people buying health insurance across state lines
  • 2018 SB420 against right to know about collective bargaining

Second Amendment / Article 2-A

  • 2018 HB1542 against the Second Amendment


  • 2018 HB1319 for allowing men in women’s bathrooms
  • 2017 HB227 against letting cars have tinted side windows
  • 2017 HB223 for using taxpayer money for lobbying
  • 2018 HB1752 against requiring a search warrant to obtain blood samples

How the heck did she become a REPUBLICAN Vice-Chair????

I remind you that Ben Hight is running in the Primary against her in Grafton County District 3 and has been vetted as a great Conservative alternative to Schwaegler.

Kelley-Monahan-Grafton Register of DeedsOh, on that Grafton County Registry of Deeds email thread? Wasn’t one where I expected an elected official to weigh in on my speech in her official capacity, but that’s OK – I answered it Emphasis mine:

From: “Kelley Monahan” <>
To: “Skip Murphy” <>
Sent: 9/6/2018 3:16:56 PM
Subject: Post on Schwaegler

Hi Skip, love the blog. Woodburn, awesome stuff. The one on Schwaeglers is over the top. They are very private and generous people. Will you please remove those indexes of their holdings? You are exposing them to real financial risk of identity theft and property fraud. I get it, but this is too much. Personal favor. Kelley Monahan Grafton County Register of Deeds.

Thanks for reading GraniteGrok – we always appreciate people taking time out of their day to spend with us.  Also, glad to see you like our coverage of Democrat Jeff “Brusin’ and Bitin” Woodburn.

I get your sentiment, however – fine for whacking the other side but not your’s.  These people forget that I’m not a registered Republican – these people aren’t “mine” and I am certainly not “theirs”. I am a Conservatarian first and I vote only for people that will best support my viewpoint. I will also hold to account on GraniteGrok anyone that annoyingly crosses our standards of measure (Constitutions, GOP Platform, culture, et al) regardless of Party (or non-Party) affiliation. That’s opinion writing and reporting.  Free Speech is in play here as we are all journalists now thanks the the disruptive nature of the Internet on traditional media outlets.

I also chuckled at the sentence “Personal favor” – lady, I don’t know you from a hole in the wall.  Friends (and some family) I will do favors for – a lot of times unasked.  Sometimes, complete strangers but not at their behest.  I get that she’s trying to wordsmith it nicely but this was meant to place an obligation onto me personally that shouldn’t have been placed.  Sorry, nope.

As to the withdrawal on the holdings information, I did have a return question for her that I thought was pertinent (emphasis mine):

Thu 9/6/2018 4:02 PM
From “skipdcm” <>
to “Kelley Monahan” <>


A question for you: is the information on the Schwaegler holding public information – or not?

I’m sure that as the Register of Deeds in Grafton County, you can properly inform me as to the legality in this matter, yes?

Kindest regards,

– Skip

I’m still waiting for answer.  So, while I wait, it stays up.  After all, as a duly elected Registrar of Deeds, she’d know whether the information she rides herd over is public or not, right?  All I want is an answer to my question. If the data is NON-PUBLIC, she should have written back right away. The fact that she didn’t should tell me and you a lot.  Because she hasn’t, it means that it is, indeed, public information.  So why is she trying to threaten that it is not?  I do wonder what my remedy can and should be for telling me that I’M at risk for their misfortune.

Question: If someone sent that to me, doesn’t it mean that the Grafton County Registry of Deeds allowed that information to go out in the first place?  Why wasn’t it stopped then? And wouldn’t she, in her official capacity, already know how it was let out?  And if not, why not?

Don’t threaten me or GraniteGrok – we don’t like it when someone in Government threatens our First Amendment Right.  Is that what’s going on there?

I guess she didn’t read our FAQs.