Antifa Linked Leftists Call For Violent Action if Kavanaugh Confirmed - Granite Grok

Antifa Linked Leftists Call For Violent Action if Kavanaugh Confirmed

Antifa violent redneck revolution

Angry, violent leftists (that’s redundant) are promising to be angry and violent if they don’t get their way.

One Twitter user, claiming to be a member of the far-left militia organization, Redneck Revolt, quote tweeted (archived here) Emily saying that he “didn’t join Redneck revolt for no reason”, the implication of course being that he is “down” for armed political violence. has more, and it’s worth the trip. They focus on Antifa affiliated groups and individuals and report on their persistent calls for violence.  In this case, one such person suggests these leftists start taking and sharing pictures of each other taking gun safety courses at the range.



Sorry, Emily but the sh*t wouldn’t change at all. The pussyhat brigade presents no threat at all to any actual 2A supporter, and I can contact a few hundred of them in a few minutes who will agree with me.  That’s not to say liberals with guns are not a threat. They present a serious risk to themselves and others, mostly in gun free zones where they account for the majority of mass-shooting by killing unarmed innocent people for attention.

And no, you don’t need to own a gun to take a gun safety course, but if you actually want to use one without being another liberal hypocrite, then you have to pass a background check. Not an enhanced background check. Not a super-extra-safety pin in your pussyhat background check. The actual thing the Feds require which I have to guess could be a problem for some of these folks.

Or maybe not. You could just do what you always do and lie, hoping the Feds are too busy using the Government surveillance state to spy on the Democrat’s political opponents to notice you are an Antifa anarchist advertising your desire for open armed rebellion.

Did I mention these people are also stupid?

Speaking of stupid, does anyone want to ask the Antifa apologists – who are easy to find because they all have a (D) next to their name – what they think about this before the November election because that would make a great soundbite.

Antifa may want to start an armed conflict (civil war) if Roe v. Wade is overturned during Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure on the Supreme Court. As a reminder, this would not change one single law in any state in the nation. Would you take up arms, support their rebellion, or counsel them to disarm and exercise restraint even though it would probably end with incarcerated, wounded, or dead after the first day?”

“Is this domestic terrorism and if not why?”

“How many of your constituents would you sacrifice to their use of force on this issue?”

Make up your own questions; it’s loads of fun.