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Trump Tells Sessions To End Mueller Investigation. Trump Must Have Something Big!

Trump tweet stop muellerThe Washington Times is reporting that President Trump has asked Jeff Sessions to put an end to the Mueller Probe.

The president’s comments came after he quoted Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who suggested that Mueller is trying to protect his team at the expense of the investigation.

The left will go nuts, but what about Trump doesn’t make the left go nuts? The Democrats will come out and scream obstruction, and the water-carriers in the media will carry their water. And Trump knows that.

So what’s he got?

Mr. Trump has something or knows something that plays to his advantage in the wake of the s**t storm his request will create.

I suspect it has something to do with declassifying the heavily redacted FISA application. There are pages and pages of details hidden that Mr. Trump and leading members of Congress have seen. Oh, and the media knows. All 82 pages were leaked by indicted Senate Staffer James Wolfe who texted them to his then reporter girl-friend.

Wolfe will probably go to jail if he hasn’t made a deal equitable to the long game because they’ve got him red-handed.

There’s no denying it. But Wolfe is not the only one as noted by rumblings explored here.

Don’t be surprised if one or more of the folks for whom the White House has considered pulling a security clearance find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation for leaking details about that Collusion investigation. Brennan, Rice, Clapper, and company. McCabe and Comey.

None of them is named Clinton which makes them vulnerable. And November is coming. Big news about corrupt officials tied to prominent people can change an election.

Uncovering a leaker (or leakers) can lead to deal-making that helps you climb the ladder to higher and firmer fruit. And we know there are more leakers.


December 1 2017 – ABC’s Brian Ross gets fake news leak about Michael Flynn. Later retracted and Brian Ross suspended (h/t the Conservative Treehouse).

December 3 2017 – Fake news leak about Manafort broadcast by ABC.  Later retracted (h/t the Conservative Treehouse).

December 4 2017 – Fake News leak about Duetsche Bank subpoena for Trump bank records. Reported by Bloomberg; later retracted (h/t the Conservative Treehouse).

December 8 2017 – CNN’s Manu Raju gets fake news leak about WikiLeaks and Don Trump Jr. email. The date on the email was wrong. Broadcast by CNN, later retracted (h/t the Conservative Treehouse).

Consider how many times the media pulled the trigger on a story in the past few years only to find it was false or the facts were misleading. Often? A lot? Too much. So, how many of them were deliberately fed to sources inside the government to help investigators identify who was leaking classified information?

We don’t know the extent of any counterintelligence operation to find security leaks. We do know that such an investigation has been underway for some time. One Senate Swamp creature has been indicted, and he was not the source for all these leaks so who?

Leaker James Wolfe is expected to subpoena US Senators in his defense, which suggests that they may be implicated as well and there is no shortage of US Senators in both parties who are out to get Mr. Trump.

So, not only are there more shoes to drop they could be very big shoes.

Obama Officials? Trump hating Republicans like John McCain? The options are many.

We will have to wait, but not too long. Trump calling for the end of Mueller’s Bogus Journey suggests that the White House is ready to show us their cards.

The next question is, who does he show them to, in public or private, and what does he want in exchange?

This is, after all, the art of the deal.

It Trump has evidence of potential criminal activity by sitting US Senators, from which they cannot escape through whatever immunity privileges they enjoy due to their job-related exposure to sensitive information, which might be worth something. A lot of somethings.

The mere suggestion of impropriety is politically damning.

So, it feels like there is a reckoning is a ‘comin, and it is not the one promised by the media and the deranged left.