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While Democrats Scream “Russia” Did Trump’s DOJ Run an Investigation on Them?

snoop, spying, FISA, FBI, DOJThe squiggly line (because it’s not an arc) of the Left’s Russia Rantings run from Trump was never spied on you dolt to well, of course, he was spied on you dolt. Along the path (that squiggly line) are a series of media reports filled with details that reporters should not have. Details that were leaked to the press, which happens to be a felony.

In related news, the White House announced this week that it might strip a number of former officials of their security clearance. Yes. The two things are probably connected.

The New York Times explains why they might keep their clearance after leaving a position.

Former high-ranking officials in defense, intelligence, diplomacy and law enforcement usually maintain their clearances to advise those still in government, former officials said. A clearance also serves a more personally profitable function: helping departing officials get jobs at security contractors or similar firms.

I among others have wondered why Mr. Trump, being Trump, would let them keep those clearances. It’s not like they are doing him any favors.

Dan Bongino has some theories about that.

We know that people who have these clearances leak confidential or secret government information to the press in violation of the law. And the best way to determine who those people are is to run a lengthy and sometimes complicated counter-intelligence operation that feeds them faulty intel to help identify where the leaks are coming from when those details show up in the press.

Details peddled as facts that later fall apart after some examination because they were planted to identify felons abusing their clearance.


We know that every one of the people Mr. Trump lists is a political enemy many of whom worked in (supposedly) apolitical agencies weaponized during the Obama years to advance partisan priorities during and after the reign of Barack I.

More than a few (if not all) have ties to Hillary Clinton who is a serial liar.

And they all hate Trump and people who support Trump.


Think back over the past two years to any number of media reports dropped as bombshells that later turned out to be nothingburgers. There were more than a few. How many of those were Trump Team false leads fed to find leakers?

We may find out sooner than the leakers would like. And I’m not sure the press or any of the Trump hating insiders have a clue.

Mr. Trump’s threat appeared designed to rebuke high-profile critics whose titles, experience and access to the nation’s most sensitive secrets lend weight to their arguments.

“It is intended to punish and intimidate his critics and is shameful,” said Jeffrey H. Smith, a former general counsel for the C.I.A. He compared it to the so-called red scare of the 1950s, when J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist who helped develop the atomic bomb, had his security clearance revoked because of fears over his associations with Communists.

That’s funny coming a class of indivuals who see Russian Collusion around every corner. People who inspire others to actually attack Trump supporters. You keep thinking that.

Trump plays the long game. He’s a deal maker. He knows what’s in his hand and what it’s worth. He also knows that you (Liberals, RINO’s, Media) underestimate him at almost every turn. So, the only reason this has (probably) drawn out as long as it has – given that Trump knows what’s in every document involved – is that it serves some Trumpian purpose.

The loony left will scream collusion. He’s hiding things. Really? Maybe. Perhaps he’s hiding the names of the leakers who, if they’ve been busted for leaking, can go to jail. They may not want to do that. They may want to exchange information for a reduced sentence or immunity.

Long game. Bigger fish.

Don’t be surprised if one or more of the folks for whom the White House has considered pulling a security clearance find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation for leaking details about that Collusion investigation. Brennan, Rice, Clapper, and company. McCabe and Comey.

None of them is named Clinton which makes them vulnerable. And November is coming. Big news about corrupt officials tied to prominent people can change an election.

Hillary and Obama tried to do it to Trump. He might want to try a hand at it himself.

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