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Jonathan Mackie – candidate for NH State House, Belknap 2 (Gilford/Meredith)

Jon MackieI am Jonathan Mackie, a Republican seeking to represent Meredith and Gilford in Belknap District 2. I am a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and have lived in Meredith since 1984. My wife Sue and I own and operate Clearwater Campground and Meredith Woods Four Season Camping Area in Meredith.

Although I have not previously served in public office, other experiences have given me a perspective that will serve our citizens well. Working as treasurer of my local church for 10 years showed me the value of dedicated volunteers serving to make a community better. We need to protect the religious freedoms that make this possible. My 20 plus years of running a business and also serving as president of the New Hampshire Campground owners Association for 3 years has given me first-hand insight into the many regulations, fees, taxes, permits and licenses that unnecessarily complicate investing in and operating a business in New Hampshire.

I am running because…I am concerned about the direction our state appears to be heading in. Borrowing a quote from GraniteGrok I think the concern is summed up as “The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen” This does not just affect small businesses, but also individual workers, retirees, and our children. The more aspects of our lives that the government regulates, the more freedoms we lose. But it is more than that.

We become dependent on the government. We need to reverse this trend. You can be sure that I will fight against any new taxes and look for ways to reduce spending, taxes and government interference in our lives. Minimizing the role of government will maximize the potential and opportunity for the individual.

I ask for your vote in the Republican Primary in September.

Jon Mackie


Note: Jon is a member of the Belknap 2 “Frugal Four“.  -Skip