Kevin Landrigan of the Union Leader is blowing it out his other pie-hole - Granite Grok

Kevin Landrigan of the Union Leader is blowing it out his other pie-hole

Update: I just left a scathing vmail for the UL head honcho and Publisher, Joe McQuaid demanding retractions on the UL front page, within Landrigan’s article, and in their print edition.  Let’s see what happens.
Update 2: From Trent Spiner, Exec. Editor, UL @ 1:36pm (my email was at 9:26am) – “…we certainly understand you have not endorsed this cycle and I appreciate you bringing the issue to my attention. We will be issuing a correction shortly”.  I’m still waiting for it…
I want a retraction from Landrigan and the UL and will be demanding such.

Kevin Landrigan

What am I talking about?  This: “He’s got Rand Paul, the federal Gun Owners of America, and leader of GraniteGrok on his side.”

He’s talking about the Congressional race in CD-1 between Andy Sanborn and Eddie Edwards now that Bruce Crochetiere has dropped out.  Let’s set the record straight.  Landrigan never talked to me nor GraniteGrok’s Editor, Steve Mac DonaldGraniteGrok has not endorsed anyone in CD-1.  The only endorsement that we have made was in CD-2 for Steve Negron.

In fact, we may or may not issue one in this race.  We have continued to set our standards higher and higher lately.  We used to almost hand them out like candy; no more.  We are as frugal with them as the way we demand elected officials be frugal with our tax monies (and you know how often the latter happens!) and our demand that we can always Trust (and not worry) in how they would legislate and vote.

We hadn’t finished our deliberations in this; we were supposed to interview Bruce last Wednesday when he dropped out (it obviously didn’t happen). Yes, we interviewed both: Eddie Edwards for 2.5 hours and Andy Sanborn for 1.5 hours. No, we haven’t done an endorsement.  Sure, we have endorsed Andy in the past and we may endorse him after all.  We may endorse Eddie.  Neither of those things have happened and our usual “Grokster writer ballot day” to determine IF we are going to do an endorsement and if yes, choosing who it might be has not yet happened.

So much for journalistic integrity – check your sources, check them twice; run them through oodles of fact checkers and editors.  The latter didn’t happen and there’s nothing to show for the former. Thus, Landrigan is blowing smoke out his ass.