The Democrat's Child Endangerment Exception: Not a Crime for Illegal Aliens - Granite Grok

The Democrat’s Child Endangerment Exception: Not a Crime for Illegal Aliens

Credit: Fox News

We had separation week, but as it turns into Separation Summer, I had another thought about how hypocritical the far-left is on the so-called issue of Trump separating families.

If you walked your children across an unforgiving desert or placed them in the company of narco-terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers, or gang members, sometimes for weeks, (or packed into hot trailers for days) wouldn’t Child and Family Services (or some other big government bureaucracy with which the left exercises its ‘compassion’) send law enforcement to separate them from you and you from them?

You’d be on the local, and perhaps even the national news as the benevolent State, in the interests of safety, recorded as a warning to others and broadcast for all to see, swept in and removed any minors from your custody for their own good.

You’d be charged with child endangerment and forced into a long, expensive court process if you wanted any hope of seeing those children again.

Not so if you are breaking the law to break into our country.

The entire Democrat party establishment is pulling out all the stops to get kids dragged into dangerous and inhospitable environments back with people who “put their lives at risk.”

ICE, rather than being heralded as heroes rescuing children from incompetent parents are vilified, humiliated, and terrorized by progressives.

If it’s really all about what’s best for the children, why is the Professional Left demanding that these children be reunited with Parents or family members who, if it were you or I would be guilty of child endangerment?

The answer is politics and power.

And we know this is true because until this year average joe and jane sixpack knew nothing about border policy on the accompanied minors of illegal entrants because until it became a political tool, the Democrats didn’t give a damn.

Want to know a secret? They still don’t.