CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – Candidates for US Congress in CD-2 - Granite Grok

CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – Candidates for US Congress in CD-2

CNHTLike NH’s First Congressional District (NH CD-1), there are plenty of candidates to look at/worry over (depending on your political point of view) in CD-2. It is different than CD-1 where it is an open seat (again, Carol Shea-Porter has grabbed the Congressional retirement gold ring and bailed).

Self-proclaimed uber-Progressive Annie Kuster is gunning for another term. How quaint that term “uber-Progressive” as she was certainly that back when she first ran and now the Democrat Party is going full communism. After all, just ask the Berni-bros in the Democrat Socialists Of America wing. They are dumping ALL pretense of just being socialists and are loudly proclaiming the wonders and delights of full-on Communism while tactfully ignoring that the Full Monty version of their now beloved Communism also resulted in over 100 million deaths of their own citizens in putting it into place. But hey, that’s why they use that “broken eggs/omlette” stupidity.

But back to the Republican candidates running in CD-2.

  • 7 Republicans – Brian Belanger, Gerard Beloin, Lynne Blankenbeker, Robert Burns, Stewart I. Levenson, Jay Mercer, Steven Negron
  • 1 Democrat – It appears that the Ray Buckley Rule is in place here – no primary for Ann McLean Kuster this season. How protected is that?

Note: Full Disclosure in that GraniteGrok has endorsed Steve Negron in this race – the only endorsement we have done this election season so far.

OK, went a bit long here.

Note 2: Certainly Kuster didn’t show.  Others who were absent include Gerard Beloin, Robert Burns, Stewart Levenson, and Jay Mercer. Lynne Blackenbeker was also a no-show (perhaps due to Reservist duties out in San Diego?) but she at least sent JP Marzullo as a surrogate on her behalf.


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