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A Presidential Pardon for Jerry Delemus

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Our friend, TheOriginalG-d&Country, sent the following post to me via email, and asked if I would share it with all of you. It is OG&C’s desire that it also be posted at The Conservative Treehouse (Last Refuge), and I will see if that can be done as well, though that decision will not be mine.

A Presidential Pardon for Jerry Delemus

OG&C has been researching the case of Jerry Delemus, and his involvement with the Bundy Ranch stand-off, which occurred in 2014. Here is the report resulting from this research.

For the past month I have been researching the imprisonment of Jerry Delemus of Rochester, NH in the Devens Federal Medical Center, a federal prison in Massachusetts. He has been continually imprisoned in one place or another since his arrest on March 03, 2016. I am sure you are very well informed on the Bundy standoff and trial, but I don’t know how many people are aware Jerry Delemus is still in a federal prison serving an 87 month term. He had arrived at the Bundys AFTER the stand-off to help protect the Bundys on their own private property.

In January 2018 the Bundy indictment was dismissed with prejudice. Surprisingly Judge Navarro had an abrupt change of attitude and found that the prosecutions conduct was “grossly shocking” and “flagrant”, so “outrageous” that “no lesser remedy” than dismissal with prejudice “is sufficient.” The government withheld evidence. It concealed the truth from the court until Larry Wooten, a BLM special agent who worked on the Bundy case, wrote an explosive whistleblower memo.

In her ruling dismissing the case, Judge Navarro noted that the government also withheld information about threat assessments indicating that the Bundys weren’t violent, documents showing that cattle grazing “hadn’t threatened the desert tortoise,” and hundreds of pages of internal-affairs documents about the special agent in charge, Dan Love (BLM eventually fired him). She based her decision to dismiss the indictment with prejudice on the need to maintain “judicial integrity” and to “deter prosecutorial misconduct” in the future.
And even after all this Jerry Delemus still sits in prison.

Cliven Bundy stated; “The judge Navarro, she did the government a very big favor…  If we would have gone on for just a few more hours even, there would have been a lot of discovery made, there would have been entrapment brought forth, there would have been Lombardo’s lies brought forth, there were a lot of things she covered up and protected from coming out to the media and the people.  If we go back to court, it will all come out.” All the remaining defendants that have plea agreements, convictions or are still awaiting trial for the Bundy Ranch protest, must have their attorneys file motions on their behalf to dismiss their own charges.

Jeff Sessions has sent an evidence discovery expert to Las Vegas to review the Bundy case. Also as recounted below, Mr. Delemus was threatened by the government with retaliation against his son and his ill best friend if he refused to take the plea (remember General Flynn). They also threatened to add additional gun charges if he did not comply.

Since the charges against the primary people charged with crimes have been dismissed with prejudice, his situation as a co-conspirator is an excellent case to request pardon from President Trump since the President is asking for names of people to pardon. I am asking everyone to request that president Trump pardons Jerry Delemus. http://www.granitegrok.com has a post card example you can send asking for his pardon.

Jerry honorably served in the Marines, was then candidate Trump’s Veterans Co-Chair for New Hampshire, has been a law-abiding citizen of New Hampshire, and his pardon has the backing of many New Hampshire officials and law enforcement. One example is Rep. John Burt of Goffstown, NH who stated:

Mr. Delemus is one of the most law-abiding Americans I have ever met. He served his country with honors in the military. I have always respected Mr. Delemus for his strong family values and his beliefs in God. When Mr. Delemus and I talked about any issue in America that we thought were not right, he always talked about the peaceful and law-abiding way to correct it.

IMPORTANTLY in an email to his wife on April 21, 2014 Mr. Delemus stated

“I want all to know that we will not obstruct in any way, law enforcement officers from serving any lawful warrant to anyone on the Bundy’s property. We are not lawless nor will we hinder any legal actions by law enforcement. I know Mr. Cliven Bundy has told law enforcement he would not resist any lawful warrant if served. Jerry DeLemus 4.21.14.”

Steve MacDonald of GraniteGrok continues:

“Jerry made it clear to us in his interview on GrokTALK! that they are helping local and state police, giving them water, and quarter, for any and all legally exercised action.  No one at the ranch wants violence, and they will not, under any conditions, initiate it.”  GraniteGrok

My understanding of the situation after extensive reading, watching videos and listening to audio is that:

  • Jerry Delemus, his son, and his friend, Jack drove to the Bundy’s aid.
  • He arrived there AFTER the stand-off.
  • He never pointed a gun at anyone. He never shot a gun.
  • He never assaulted anyone.
  • He interviewed unknown people showing up (many from all over the place went there), and arranged for people to watch the Bundys’ private property in order to keep the peace, the Bundys safe, and the troublemakers away.

Former NH GOP Chairman Jack Kimball said

When he got there, there were a lot of different factions. There were a lot of different people. The first thing he realized when he got there was there’s no order. We’ve got to have order. We don’t want anything to happen at all that would be untoward. And it didn’t if you remember. Nothing happened. He then returned home.

Two years after the fact, on March 03, 2016, his condo was assailed by an FBI team, and he was arrested and charged with: conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States; conspiracy to impede or injure a federal officer; use and carry of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence and aiding and abetting; assault on a federal officer and aiding and abetting; use and carry of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence; threatening a federal law enforcement officer; use and carry of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence; obstruction of the due administration of justice; interference with interstate commerce by extortion; and interstate travel in aid of extortion. The indictment called him a “mid-level leader and organizer of the conspiracy” at the Bundy ranch.

Jerry was imprisoned in Nevada and went before Judge Gloria Navarro for trial, eventually taking a plea deal to conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States and interstate travel in aid of extortion. He was threatened by the government with retaliation against his ill best friend if he refused to take the plea (remember General Flynn), they also threatened to add additional gun charges if he did not comply. DeLemus agreed to serve 72 months for his participation in the protest. When Delemus asked Judge Gloria Navarro if he would be committing perjury when he lied under oath to say he was guilty, her eventual response was, “Not necessarily.”

Jerry later tried to withdraw that plea after charges were dropped against several others tied to the case, and requested to go to trial. He waited in jail for months for a response from Judge Gloria Navarro. In May 2017 he was denied by Judge Navarro because he had not provided any factual basis to demonstrate any reasonable belief for the alleged threats that if he didn’t accept the plea, the government would seek additional charges. These additional charges would essentially make his sentence a life sentence.

Judge Navarro said he has failed to overcome the strong presumption of veracity regarding the statement he made to the contrary during his change of plea hearing. Navarro also found that the facts admitted by DeLemus when he was under oath and questioned by the judge called the ‘plea colloquy’ “are sufficient to support a finding of guilt.”

“The court asked (DeLemus) if he had ’any lingering doubts or any questions, and he answered that he did not,” Navarro wrote. “The court then asked how (DeLemus) wished to plead to each count, and he stated unequivocally, ‘Guilty.’ Defendant further agreed that he was ‘pleading guilty because, in truth, and in fact, (he is) guilty and for no other reason.’” – Not quite what the referenced trial transcript shows. [When Delemus asked Judge Gloria Navarro if he would be committing perjury when he lied under oath to say he was guilty, her eventual response was, “Not necessarily.” ]

Trial Transcript

Judge Navarro sentenced him to 87 months, which was more than what the prosecution requested. She sentenced him to a longer time in prison because of his attempt to change his plea, which Navarro took to mean he altered the agreement. Judge Gloria Navarro even had the audacity to add on to his sentence that Jerry is not allowed to see his grandchildren during the 87 months of his imprisonment and the full term of his probation.

At Jerry’s age (63), that means there is a possibility he may never see his grandchildren again. Why did she do this? She heard he had spanked his children when they were young! The defense attorney attempted to point out that several of DeLemus’ children, in fact, support their father. “I have no evidence of that,” was her reply. She only fined him $100. per charge because she understands he does not have the money to pay a large fine. He told the court in a tearful, 10-minute statement that no matter how long a sentence he received, he would do it all over again. “But I would leave my guns at home,” he said.

Jerry Delemus’ imprisonment, the abusive and torturous treatment of him and especially the Bundys, and the killing of Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum is in sharp contrast to how protesters on federal property who do much worse are allowed to do what they want for days, weeks and months, and then are handled with kid gloves. They are let go or charged with misdemeanors at most.

I wonder how much of the government arresting Jerry, pressuring him into a plea deal, and his imprisonment was political, not only for Sen. Reid’s goals who recommended Gloria Navarro for becoming a judge, but especially to make then-candidate Trump look bad because Jerry was Donald Trump’s Veterans Co-Chair for New Hampshire. Judge Gloria Navarro was recommended by Sen. Harry Reid and appointed to the Bench by President Barrack Obama, which had previously moved attorneys for Cliven Bundy to ask Navarro to recuse herself.

We may not be able to right every wrong, but if we can help right a huge wrong done to one person, that is life-changing to that family.

The main sources of my information, and for further information please search for “Jerry Delemus” at: