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Update From The Bundy Ranch – Sue DeLemus Shares an Email From Jerry

Jerry at Bundy ranch - impromptu rally

From Sue…

I just got an email from Jerry my wonderful husband. He wanted me to share this with you all. It’s vitally important that everyone knows that diplomacy is what we’re after here above all. Harry Reid and his ilk are trying to label us as “Domestic Terrorists” we need to show them who we really are, level-headed, true blue Americans who are looking for a peace…ful resolution. We stand within the parameters of the Constitution of the United States. We need to get in front of the propaganda machine and make sure everyone knows this. Please share this.

The following is the email that Jerry sent:

I want all to know that we will not obstruct in any way, law enforcement officers from serving any lawful warrant to anyone on the Bundy’s property. We are not lawless nor will we hinder any legal actions by law enforcement. I know Mr. Cliven Bundy has told law enforcement he would not resist any lawful warrant if served.

Jerry DeLemus


Jerry made it clear to us in his interview on GrokTALK! that they are helping local and state police, giving them water, and quarter, for any and all legally exercised action.  No one at the ranch wants violence, and they will not, under any conditions, initiate it.