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Quick Thought: HB 1319 – asked and answered

hb1319womanhoodAs to Gov. Chris “Supporting the Democrat Agenda Identity Group politics against the NH GOP” in signing HB1319, I was asked earlier today:

Where do you stand?

Answer:  It demands coerced speech and behavior from those that do not believe that a man can simply announce that he is a woman and MUST refer to him as such (contra our lying eyes). It now sets up transgenders as a whole as yet another special interest group, another “protected class” that now has “elevated” privileges not available to the general public.  With Sununu’s signature of Friday, they have risen to the top of the Progressive Identity Totem Pole ranking at least for the weekend (as that ranking seems to change every few minutes than a pachinko ball changes its direction; said ranking seems to be in constant flux based on the “political opportunity” at hand and it is their club.).

It also places half the population, females, into a lowered status physically; the two examples are from Connecticut and Texas where trans girls winning girls’ state championships simply because they announced they are now girls and not boys. What is the fairness in that? Is it the goal, for Political Correctness / Cultural Marxism reasons, to wipe out any commonsense differences between the two sexes?  After all, you can’t call it a “social construct” on one hand and “Patriarchy” on the other at the same time.

Not only that, there is real physical and financial harms available to those that wish to punish such “wrongthink” that biological boys should only compete against other biological boys. Even if the Human Rights Commission led to the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision let to a decision supporting religious Freedom, many other such commissions have actioned against those of Faith with devastating results.

Why should those that do not wish to go along with this kind of sexual dysphoria illness be punished for speaking their conscious? Yet, it will happen like that teacher who refused to use the PC set of “correct pronouns” in school where did his Right of Conscious go and how was a mere School Board able to rip it from him for the sake of “accommodation” (or this as well)?

Why do we allow this Tyranny of the miserable Few (and their powerful Progressive allies who seek to render traditional norms apart in order to obtain their vision of a Utopian “Heaven on Earth” regardless of its cost to the “unbelievers”) to dominate Society? To what purpose and to what end in what seems to be an extension of Liberty to a very few but at the large expense of the many?

And for those of us of Faith, who believe in “He made them, male and female”, are we to give up our Free Expression in the Public Square, to self-censor, and be made to accept the lesser “Freedom to Worship” (as Obama was oft to say) as a precursor in making way for what seems to be a new State sponsored and mandated religion of belief? Make no mistake, this Progressive / Socialist march through our cultural institutions and now landing into the body politic is nothing less than the new King Nebuchadnezzar in demanding fealty, bended knee, and abject obeisance .

Does this answer your question?

And I’m still just an ordinary schlub from central NH – however, getting more and more ticked off by the day that they JUST. WON’T. LEAVE. ME. ALONE!