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It always amazes me how fast

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From Steve’s post:

Kevin Landrigan also reports some appreciative praise from Ray Buckley.

“I wish Jeanie well. Only someone who has served as state party chair can appreciate the challenges and sacrifices one makes to do the job,” Buckley said.

It is utterly amazing to me how fast someone can become Mother Teresa-like from just being the Devil Incarnate when a Republican resigns.  It seems that the Democrats start to pine for those who have left a Republican position or the political stage (e.g., both Bushes, Romney, even Nixon (to a degree)) and hold them up as “models” to be followed because the latest Republican resident of a given position has now assumed the hateful form with horns, tail, and a pitchfork demeanor. Or that guy with the funny mustache as is now being bandied about because the Democrats love using little children as political pawns.

Well, those except for Republicans that hew more closely to the Democrat agenda than their own during their time in office.  Then, they are “ok” guys and gals at the time of “service” but when they leave, they also get a pat on the back and a couple of bon mots but then are VERY soon forgotten – their time as useful idiots has passed.  Just like that anti-war, anti-Bush Cindy Sheehan who doubled down on her 15 minutes of fame and was left wondering “gee, how come everyone is gone?”.  Right, Charlie Bass?

Sidenote: What is it with WMUR?  Buckley is show in a convivial image and Forrester looks like she swallowed a sour ball by accident but can’t let anyone know it (sorta).  Anyone else been noticing that they’re drifting more Left lately, even in their news reporting (which stories and the words used in a piece are more “Progressive”)?