Jeanie Forrester Has Resigned as NHGOP Chair [Update 2] - Granite Grok

Jeanie Forrester Has Resigned as NHGOP Chair [Update 2]

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[Updated] Well, now we’ve got this tweet.

[Update 2]

“I have been offered an opportunity to work with local government and, effective June 30, I will no longer serve as chairman of the Republican State Committee,” Forrester wrote.

“I have appreciated your support during my tenure and am proud of your commitment to the Republican Party.”

Kevin Landrigan also reports some appreciative praise from Ray Buckley.

“I wish Jeanie well. Only someone who has served as state party chair can appreciate the challenges and sacrifices one makes to do the job,” Buckley said.

Vice Chair Wayne MacDonald will assume the duties of Party Chair. A role he’s already familiar with having held the post in the past.