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Family Separation Week – Governor Sununu Carries The Left’s Water

Chris SununuIf you’ve been following us for Family Separation Week, you will know that the entire “separating families” narrative is hypocritical politized partisan progressive rubbish. As a principled Conservative, I have been identifying the hypocrisy and challenging the Left’s narrative. has provided context with links to other sources.

We are fighting the good fight and not letting the false narrative go uncontested.

So what about Republican Governor Sununu? What is the contribution of the highest office-holding Republican in the Granite State on the Left’s separating families narrative? He is carrying their water.

WMUR, reporting on New Hampshire’s water boy – A governor whom I just praised yesterday on a different issue, lest you forget – quotes the Gubbnuh thusly, emphasis mine.

Gov. Chris Sununu said Tuesday that while the New Hampshire National Guard has not been asked to send troops to the southern border to enforce the Trump administration’s controversial immigration policy, if asked, he would refuse to deploy troops “to separate families.”

I’ve no issue with the Governor taking the position that it’s not the business of our state’s National Guard to police the southern border. But why, in doing so, must he not just give weight but credibility to the Progressive narrative that President Trump is “Separating families”?

Mr. Sununu. Has your Attorney General or any arm of law enforcement over which you oversee ever arrested, detained, or imprisoned a parent who broke the law?

I hope so, that is, after all, your job.

Did they bring their spouses or children to jail with them? No. They did not. So are you guilty of separating families? Yes, you are.

To be fair, Governor’s Shaheen, Lynch, and Hassan, all Democrats, have separated far more families than Gov. Sununu. But they did so in the context of the rule of law, established by constitutional powers granted by the people, and they were in the office longer.

It’s their job.

Why is it Chris Sununu’s job to do the Far Lefts Work for them?

By repeating the left’s fake narrative Mr. Sununu has not just rubber-stamped the presumption that parents who break the law are not nor ever have been separated from their families but that people who try to enter the country illegally, breaking the law as written, including “children,” deserve more rights than actual US citizens.

And why does he think, politically, this is good for him? Why would any Republican think it is good for them?

I can assure you it is not.

It is a sign to the Conservative base and the independent Trump voters who elected him that he is not one of them. That he would rather party with the swamp rats and never-Trumpers. That politics is about appeasing the political class, and the ruling class, and the donor class, who are more attuned to the accumulation of power by a few at the top – through the use of progressive tactics – than the defense of individual rights and the rule of law.

Are we not a nation of laws? Laws upheld by governors and Presidents?

The relevant immigration law currently in force was defended by Democrat Presidents for centuries (before Obama). Obama, using his phone and his pen, sent a message to the world that he was putting American Taxpayers on the hook for an all you can eat buffet and that children were invited to come first so they could then be used to get their parents in as well. It was never legal.

But third world nations sent their children, the majority of them separated from their families by their families to travel unaccompanied to America. Gangs, Opioid dealing Drug Cartels, other criminals, and even terrorists came too, with children- their own, kidnapped or acquired en route – to break into America.

The opioid crisis is directly connected to these policies. I’ve written about it here (and here, and here). I defended Gov. Sununu on his very accurate remarks about Opioids and Sanctuary cities here and elsewhere. And there’s plenty of evidence to support the claim and its ties to liberal priorities Governor Sununu is now pimping for Democrat State Party Chair Ray Buckley and the Far-Left. Here’s some more proof.

The entirety of the epidemic-level increase in both drugs and MS-13 began around 2014-2015 with the rise of UACs and the collapse of interior enforcement against criminal alien drug trafficking networks operating in our major cities. That was all precipitated by the rise of the “dreamer” political movement incentivizing people to come here as children or to bring children here to gain admission through catch-and-release.

Pay Attention.

From the time DACA was announced, in 2012, through 2014, the number of unaccompanied minors apprehended from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras increased 490 percent, 444 percent, and 610 percent respectively. The El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) drafted a memo in 2014 asserting that 95 percent of the border-crossers interviewed cited the promise of amnesty as the primary factor behind their migration, not violence back home.

An amnesty that did not exist- floated by President Obama for political purposes and both advertised and defended aggressively by the far-left and liberal media – despite the fact that it had no legal support whatsoever, created the so-called crisis the left is using as a cudgel for political gain.

Kids separated from parents and families because of a lie peddled by the left.

Why not challenge the Democrats? Put them on the defensive? Force them to make the case that they didn’t advocate policies that created the opioid epidemic. Make them explain how those kids aren’t there because of them?

Huh? What?

This isn’t my job. It’s a hobby. I don’t have a staff, paid or otherwise. And yet here I am providing links and context to professional politicians who can’t be bothered to even reference the free resources on tap to avoid helping political opponents who would never do them the same favor.

Instead, we get, “if asked, he would refuse to deploy troops “to separate families.””


And Mr. Sununu is not alone. There are dumb Republican all over. And while they are not all helping the Far-left push the separating families narrative, there is one thing they do agree on. Opposing the opioid epidemic. Democrats, heck, everyone is against it. But the Democrats created it.

By advocating for any narratives that support the illegal policies that made it possible and reinforcing that support by carrying water for the far-left, you are making the problem you claim to oppose worse.

Another clarification is needed.

You should understand (in my opinion) that while there are plenty of working-class Democrats who are not at all like their party or union boss leaders, the far-left has no credibility. None. But I’ll repeat it so that Mr. Sununu’s water-carriers can trip over it when they come with their blunted pitchforks and tiny torches to dispute my unassailable facts. The Democrats created the crisis and everything unpleasant that follows with straw-men, gaslighting, virtue signaling, illegal border, and sanctuary city policy and playing on emotion to create a fake humanitarian crisis so they could get their way.

Their way is wrong. Abrogating national security and immigration policy to allow gangs, human traffickers, narco-terrorists and global terrorists invade the nation is not good for families, small businesses, children, or the rule of law.

Once again, my gripe has nothing to do with whether it is or is not the right thing to do to commit New Hampshire Guardsmen to the southern border for any purpose. It is the governor using it as an opportunity to sell the Far-Left’s false narratives. It damages his credibility.

He loses voters every time he does it.

More importantly, Republicans down ticket lose voters every time he does it.

Is anyone advising Chris Sununu ever going to tell him to stop or is that the problem?

If they need help, we have a search feature.



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