Do you know what this is? - Granite Grok

Do you know what this is?

NH Declaration of Candidacy page 1 4

Yep – that yellow thing is the paperwork you’d fill out at the office of the NH Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, located on the second floor in the State Capital building in Concord, if you were to run for state or county wide offices (but not the House of Representatives).  There are slots still open all over the place (literally!) for good Conservative / small government / less taxing / less intrusive candidates (you know, not Andru Volinsky types) to sign up – you’ve got until the fifteenth of this month to do so (4pm).

So, if you ever wanted to light up a Liberal (no, not the visage on their faces – those might get VERY dark in your general direction) in the best way possible, sign up with a lovely grin on your face.  Hey, it might even have the same effect on an establishment GOPe-er as well!  See – fun!

Heh!  When I brought it home, TMEW immediately

gave me kinda that “dark” look and asked “Are you running for something”?

Only for my life, my dear, only my life.  I know better than to break THAT promise I made to her long ago that I would never run for a higher office than what I’m already in.  I have tried, others have tried; my time to run for Concord will still remain in my bucket list.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t ask you to run, right?

Oh, by the way, you DID see that word “domiciled”?  Funny, that.  With all of the legal tomfoolery going on about if someone is properly domiciled / resident-ed in order to vote (thanks to the Democrats and their “allies” in the press, NGOs, and in the Judiciary), almost anyone can come here and vote.  Does this mean that Hillary could come and run here scot free?