Seattle Proves The Point: To Democrats There’s No Such Thing as Enough Taxation

Patriot Post seattle gun tax failWhile there are plenty of reasons to oppose Democrat rule the one that affects the most people, most often, is the obsession with spending other people’s money. To that point, I have often asked ‘how much is enough‘ so that I can answer that ‘there is no enough.’ Democrats cannot tax you enough. There is no end to the ways in which they can spend your money, or how or how much they will take. Left unchecked that is exactly what they do. And they are no longer even shy about it.

Seattle, a hub of growth and opportunity, is the gender-dysphoric Democrat poster-child for the maxim, “there is no enough.”

The Emerald City recently bought into the fight for fifteen. Passed a sugary beverage tax. Passed a gun tax, and just added a punishing ‘head-count’ tax on the municipalities biggest job creators. Now, just a few days after, the city council is plotting to raise property taxes.

…the Seattle City Council is now considering an enormous property tax on the people who work at those businesses. According to Q13 FOX, King County homeowners already saw a bump of 17% in their property taxes in 2017, but City Council members want property taxes increased even more.”

Don’t worry. It’s not enough. Because there is no enough. Just ask them. Ask a Democrat how much of your money will be enough to pay for the kind of government they want? There is no answer because there can be no limit to what Government does. Ever.

If you don’t believe me, suggest to a Democrat undoing something (or just some portion of something) Government does now, even something it does poorly. They snap like a twig. Irresponsible. Unconscionable. Women and Children. Minorities. You Fascist, bigot.

The problem isn’t that government can’t or shouldn’t do something. And the solution isn’t letting the private sector deal with it (anything, actually).

The problem is that whatever it is it is underfunded. The solution is for the government to take more of your money.

You might get some schtick about private-public partnerships, but that’s code for Left-Wing NGO’s operating as Democrat proxies to launder your tax dollars to ‘community organizers’ and Democrat campaigns.

So, Seattle is a “dead man” that doesn’t even know it. It may take a few years, or even a decade or two but Seattle is on track to become Detroit. And the only upside (at least from a PR standpoint) is that it will likely be overshadowed by California’s imminent and much larger collapse. California is on a pace to be the next Venezuela.

That’s Democrat Socialism at work. That’s the multi-culti, borderless global society that we all belong to (which is code for “we all pay for”).

And you will pay if you elect them.

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