Sadly, it's leaking into the NH GOP: SB 1319 - Granite Grok

Sadly, it’s leaking into the NH GOP: SB 1319

Democrat Agenda Item - Mothers-Day-gender

Kelly Ayotte, Scott Brown, Walt Haverstein – the ‘Grok DOES have a proven track record against those that promote the Democrat Agenda in any way, touts that they were bipartisan to the extent of voting more with Democrats than Republicans, or dissing the TEA Party.  You can throw in the GOP Platform Principles and both Constitutions into that mix. There are lesser luminaries as well along the way.

Who is next, I wonder, I wonder?

Remember, one of our guiding mantras is “Winning is only a precursor; what you do afterwards is more importance”.  You may need to win 50%+1; on the other hand, we only have to change the hearts and minds of 0.5%-1% in a given district. As someone said to me during a meeting today “you guys always seem to be able to punch well above your weight class”.

Well, thank you – we’ll take it!

(H/T: Powerline)