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Boulder, Colorado Bans “Assault Weapons”

Boulder Daily Camera Image- City Council passed assault weapons banThe Washington Times reports that the very liberal Boulder, Colorado City Council just passed an assault weapons ban within the city limits.

DENVER — The Boulder City Council voted Tuesday to ban “assault weapons” in the aftermath of the Parkland mass shooting, despite vows from gun-rights advocates to challenge the ordinance in court.

The council agreed unanimously to prohibit the sale and possession within city limits of certain semi-automatic firearms, as well as bump stocks and ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

In the aftermath of Parkland. And I just (JUST) got done pointing out again that the evidence continues to prove that the problems in Parkland were the result of public employees and progressive policies. Who wants to bet the same is true in Boulder?

“These restrictions are legal and meaningful while respecting the rights of gun owners,” council member Bob Yates said in an op-ed last week. “Not everyone will agree. But if we save just one life, it will be worth it.”

The ordinance, passed on third reading, included exemptions for military, law enforcement, competitive shooters and Federal Firearms License Holders, which did little to assuage the measure’s critics.

In Parkland Progressive meddling and public-sector incompetence cost 17 people their lives. But in the wake of that, liberals in Boulder does the one thing that makes people less safe and celebrates it as a victory.

No one should be surprised if criminals ignore the Boulder City Council at the expense of human life.

If they do, maybe someone should sue Moms Demand Action? That would be fun to watch.