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Broward County On Another Hook For Failing to Keep a “Promise”

Obama-middle-finger-725x375In the wake of the Parkland tragedy, the left blamed the NRA and law-abiding gun owners. That’s to be expected because progressives never let a crisis go to waste. But while David Hogg took his Democrat-Party scripted High School Gun Ban Musical on the road the systemic failures of the system Hogg and Co. insist is superior to the right to self-defense have been piling up.

And tipping over.

The initial reports were bad enough. A resource officer who heard shots and did nothing. Deputies who arrived and did not engage. A politically motivated sheriff. Mounting evidence against the perpetrator whose documented history should have prevented him from not just getting a firearm but being on the loose at all.

And then there was the Obama era program specifically designed to make sure Nikolas Cruz didn’t get arrested.

The Local PD screwed up. The FBI screwed up. The County screwed up. The district screwed up. Topped off with an activist Obama administration and politically motivated agencies applying pressure on the locals to comply with a program whose mismanagement by the very people meant to keep children safe resulted in dead kids and teachers.

The NRA didn’t do any of that. Law abiding gun owners had nothing to do with it.  And it wasn’t the fault of the second amendment. The same people pulling David Hogg’s string, however, created the program, rammed it down school districts throats, and in all likelihood are fans of these sorts social-engineering voodoo that ignores human nature and the incompetence of bureaucracies. The end result was mass murder, which could have easily been prevented.

After trashing a middle-school bathroom in 2013, Mr. Cruz received a three-day referral to a newly created diversion program called Promise designed to help kids who had committed misdemeanors avoid arrest and stay out of the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

He didn’t show. At that point, school policy dictated that he should have been hauled before Judge Elijah Williams of the Broward County Delinquency Division, and yet there is no record that it ever happened, based on what the district has released, according to Timothy Sternberg, a former assistant principal who helped run Promise from 2014-17.

“There’s possible negligence here if no one ever followed up,” Mr. Sternberg told the Washington Times.

I’d say there’s more than a possibility.

Files obtained by the Orlando Sun Sentinel show that Mr. Cruz committed 58 infractions from 2012-17 at Westglades Middle School and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, even though he was enrolled in 2015 at another school, Cross Creek, for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

After nearly every episode, Mr. Cruz received the same type of punishment — detention, an in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension for one to three days—which also went against district policy.

Defenders of the absurd notion that people become better when they enter public service will try to insist that this is an exception, not the rule, but that’s rubbish. It is the rule, rather than the exception, and anyone who has ever paid taxes knows this.

Government is incapable of doing much well, and very little right. It is, as our founders pointed out, a necessary evil whose reach will exceed its grasp. With Republican Democracy being the best of the worst, better than any other, but still inadequate. That only a vigilant people with a sense of moral purpose could ever hope to restrain it.

That ship sailed a long time ago. The government has busted out of its skivvies and roams naked and wild trampling rights and liberties with an army of fools selling its tainted wares to the ignorant and indifferent.

Parkland was a disaster for the Government, but even with a Republican president, the media couldn’t bring itself to blame the state because what failed was a concoction that brewed in the underground lairs of progressive scions.

Their response is typical. Stick to the narrative. Blame gun owners. Point to the NRA. Push the agenda. Full speed ahead.

Sadly, this will work for some, thanks to a partisan media that is more interested in selling the foul-tasting poison than doing anything to fix a problem that runs contrary to the Democrat Party narrative.

What is sadder still is that this will result in not fewer dead kids but more of them. Proving once again that the Democrat party is more about power than anything else, and that your children are also grist for that mill.