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At Least We’ll Be Rid of the Kale Smoothies

Kale shakesLast night Skip shared a bit of liberal mythology he tripped over at Tree Hugger which struck me as curious. The perp in chief of that ongoing serial fiction got his jimmies rustled over the width of the sidewalks in New Utopia.  That’s where we’ll all be living. In cities, all happy together. But we can’t get there from here with sidewalks that are not wide enough for at least two kale-smoothie slurping hippies to travel side-by-side. That just won’t do.

My first thought was that, if anything, big, sprawling, urban heat islands with or without kale-smoothie slurping hippies (in any”forward” moving formation) are actually man’s most meaningful contribution to warming any part of the planet and why would an enviro-wacko concerned about the planet want more of that?

Steel and concrete structures packed side-by-side, housing the entirety of humankind (or even just a majority portion of liberals and their crime-indulging policies) create unnaturally large areas that retain and radiate massive amounts of heat no matter how tiny the flat, the fridge, or the walking distance to the nearest “fresh-food” grocer.

Push that contradiction aside and the bigger problem with the smaller everything crowd which includes thinkers, tempers, and penises (on any or all of the Baskin Robbins 72-Genders), is the enormous size of their government.

You see, environmentalists don’t see Big Government as an evil unto itself but an ally in their fight(s) to make sure you live your lives according to THEIR standards (and not yours) – after all, all their buds are in it at the power nexus points.

Even an efficient Government of the size necessary to accommodate an “inter-divisional and inter-agency Walking Strategy Team chaired by the Director of the Public Realm Section [to] ensure city-wide coordination of Strategy projects” would consume vast amounts of space and resources for unproductive activities. But the government isn’t “efficient.” Ever. That is another fantasy projected by believers upon the Pantheon. A virtue of which Governments are incapable, their only “limit” being the flawed humans who run them (of whom there can be no limit) and the auspices of legal plunder that compound their collective bureaucratic corpulence.

The result is an ever-expanding footprint in every sense of the word consuming resources for the sake of finding ways to consume more resources.

A strategy the defense of which requires a militarized presence which must grow right along with it.

This is why no one should take anything the watermelon socialists (or any progressive fruits) say any more seriously than the fantastic musings of children, up to and including the ones parroting liberal lies about the safety and security of children trapped in government-monopoly school systems.

Which is, of course, the point.

Long after their remains have been turned back into the earth at the collective farms (to feed future generations of inter-agency Walking Strategy Team members) inefficient unproductive government, which will have consumed everything, will collapse under its own weight, leaving millions of groupies unemployed or without guidance. The anarchy that follows never resolves itself into anything but many will die if not modern civilization itself, which is entirely the point.

Watermelon environmentalists don’t hate just themselves, they hate you, and the best outcome for the planet is to find the fastest way to end human meddling and be done with it.

What better way than to demand everything for nothing in defiance of nature itself until the whole experiment collapses in ruin leaving Gaia to heal, not for future generations, but without them.

Marxisms truest victory, at least for the enviro-socialists, is that it won’t work. Failure is not just imminent it is desired.

At least we’ll be rid of the kale-smoothies.