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Antifa’s War On Some Women

Antifa- we will tread
Antifa – Going after women that disagree with them.

When the left tells you that women are a protected class, they are lying. Women who march in lockstep with the left’s narrow agenda are protected as long as they keep up. This is true for blacks, gays, trans, cis, Metrosexual-pajama-boys, bearded-Marxists, or any designer state of being manufactured by the liberal ministry of identity and progress.

You are not ‘protected’ based on who you want to have sex with or the color your skin. You are only special if you advocate one set of ideas which they define. It’s their Dogma or the dog house. Failure to comport excommunicates you to slave-class status. You become less than human, no longer entitled to your own words, thoughts, or even the rights they define and dispense.

They’ve even got stormtroopers to make sure everyone knows this and women don’t get a pass just because they are women.

They call themselves community organizers, Black Lives Matters, and with the resurrection of Antifa, we get to watch a one-hundred-year-old socialist-communist terror group harass and intimidate the general public with promises of protest and violence if you try to share (or listen to) opinions they oppose.

And, not surprisingly, they are all in on the left-wing totalitarian impulse to hold a monopoly on what it means to be a person.

Antifa groups are organizing a protest of an upcoming speech by Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins at California State University, Fullerton.

Protestors are organizing via Facebook, through an event titled “NO Kristan Hawkins! Resist the Fascist Anti-Woman Agenda!”

Talk about hypocrisy. Statistically over 50% of the people whose lives abortion ends are ‘women.’ A larger percentage of those are minorities and therefore minority women. People who will never live to protest anything because Democrat-socialists demand a monopoly on deciding what a person is and when.

[To the Left], Whatever they are the pre-born are not people, and inferior and unworthy of life. Period.

There are even progressive factions which carry this analysis beyond birth. Life, personhood, human-hood is not a fixed thing it is arbitrary, discretionary. This same thinking justified slavery, genocide, and the extermination or imprisonment of races or cultures or people with beliefs that were perceived as harmful to their own.

Your value to Democrats is based on one thing and one thing only. And it is not your race, sex, color, gender, origin or creed. Unless by creed you mean a zealous adherence to the Democrat party-line and the Government cult. You must maintain a complete devotion to the narratives and agenda of the left. This is why Democrats and the media can so easily evoke the idea of division by “opponents” when it suits them.

If you are not in lockstep with the far left you can be labeled as divisive, and so-called moderates, independents (not the Bernie Sanders Socialists, but the rest of you) need to learn this lesson. The left will court your vote to give them power but they have no interest in political views that do not advance the far-left worldview when they are in power. This is why we make such sport of progressive astroturfing under such names as the Coffee Party, No Labels, or in any of its other forms. Potemkin political villages.

There are no moderates. Nothing in their agenda supports that. The far-left is the “middle.” Everything else is right-wing, Alt-right, and extremist. So you are not a sexist bigot for refusing to let women speak their mind when their mind is not aligned with the political left.

And Antifa or BLM or The Unions or the Campus Zombies or whatever horde the left can manage are not showing up to counter-protest. They roll out to intimidate people from showing up and hearing ideas they oppose.  Anyone who considers themselves in the middle cannot be permitted access to open debate. They must be intimidated into staying home, and that includes on election days.

If you are not far-left you are labeled as far right, which to Antifa means everyone who isn’t a Marxist: those are their roots. A movement that took over the unions and then the Democrat party. A cabal that defines humanity and personhood based on politics and nothing else, regardless of whether you are at 26 weeks or 2600 weeks.

Get it through your head. You are only entitled to the rights they afford you, and those are fleeting – based on bending the knee to their political will forever. Rights you will lose when they can no longer afford to fund them.

So, the war is not just on ideas, it is also on prosperity which cannot survive under their regime.

But they don’t care. A living wage is a wage they define and a lifestyle they regulate. Security is something that protects them from you. he left is at war with anyone and everyone who disagrees with them and nothing else about you affords protection.

If the populace fails or refuses to realize this, they will but by then it will be too late.