Another Thing Hitler and Democrats Have in Common

chains-slaveryOne of the issues with slavery from the founding of the nation (leading up to and past the civil war) is that there was a class of persons who did not believe or could not be convinced that their slaves were human beings. In their eyes, they were not people, so the idea of granting them rights made no sense.

Hitler took a similar stand with the Jews. They were inferior. As such they became scapegoats and a “question” resolved by genocide.

Now consider how Democrats justify abortion.

Unborn humans are scapegoats (limiting lifestyles, born to poor or inferior families, drag on the utopian state, bad for the planet, and more recently a danger to women’s health.)

An entire political money-laundering machine that services the Democrat party has built up around the abortion industry, all justified under the premise that they aren’t killing people.

Efforts at giving pre-born humans personhood are vilified and fought against with money, force, will, all by Democrats.

Whatever they are the pre-born are not people, and inferior and unworthy of life. Period.

There are even progressive factions which carry this analysis beyond birth. Life, personhood, human-hood is not a fixed thing it is arbitrary, discretionary. This same thinking justified slavery, genocide, and the extermination or imprisonment of races or cultures or people with beliefs that were perceived as harmful to their own.

This is not to say that the average American Democrat is a Nazi. But the party leaders they enable at the ballot box hold many of the same prejudices as their political ancestors in the slave-owning south. They share roots with groups like the KKK that hold fast to the idea that as long as they refuse to grant equal status, it is acceptable to treat others any way they please.

American Constitutional conservatives do not abide any such worldview, but the left and the media have done their best to imbue the collective unconscious with the idea that such thinking is right wing.

It is not.

The fact that a majority of abortions are performed on black mothers and their black babies is not, to my mind, incidental.

The fact that the majority of those dismissive to the value of any human life share similar left-wing ideological priorities is not accidental.

The fact that they apply the same tactics equally to other rights is damning.

It is not uncommon for the far left to encourage the use of force or intimidation against individuals, businesses, policies, ideas, or even words they have deiced are unworthy of a status equal to their own which they define.

There is a wrong sort of person in their culture war and if bad things happen to them, so what?

The best means for deploying any such use of force is via the government which is why they are obsessed with controlling it and using it.

It is why they abhor barriers like constitutions, erected by human beings, who despite all their human flaws, understood where tyranny comes from, how it grows, and of what it is capable.

The American left (with the help of like-minded foreign allies) has worked hard for many decades, even centuries, to erase from the minds of many generations the idea that rights are granted to you by simply existing.

It has committed to its own “solution” to the cultural problem of an America that clings to any idea where humans have meaning and rights without government. A culture which must be conquered before the barrier of Constitutions and negative rights can be murdered.

Being human does not, cannot entitle you to anything that they, their government, does not grant

After which, they will be free to decide what is good, bad, or even human.

I know some will say, not all Democrats are like that, but where are they? Who among them speaks out against or refuses to support a political program that not only insists but profits from the party and the state having the power to pass judgment on not just what is human but when it is human.

History is not kind to anyone at any age that lives under that yoke. Tommorrow’s version will not be any different.