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Limo-Libs Should Pony Up Extra $10 million for Green-Scare Park Rehab in Portsmouth

Prescott Park Portsmouth wants to rehab Prescott Park at a proposed cost of $14 million dollars, $10-12 million of which will be needed to protect the park from…sea-level rise.

City councilor Joshua Cyr said he was surprised by how little the project will cost. Dwyer said most of the money, or $10 million to $12 million, would be needed just to protect the park from sea level change. She hopes donors will come forward to help the city complete the project by 2023.


Sorry. Wait, no I’m not.

Prescott is a beautiful park on the water. It is and can continue to be a productive draw for the community.

If they are planning to use donations to upgrade it, outstanding. And as I pointed out here, if storm surge or swell put parts or Portsmouth at risk then it may be worth the investment to address that. I’ve no objection.

But it appears as if the elected and appointed among Portsmouth’s “brightest bulbs,” continues to shine a favorable light on the hyperbolic rantings of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) to justify getting stuff done at the expense of others.

The Union of Concerned Scientists is the source of a ridiculous report that has been driving the sea level rise conversation in Portsmouth all year. According to this chicken-little progressive front-group, Portsmouth saw a foot of sea-level rise in the past 100 years and could see a two-foot rise and 80 to 190 floods per year by 2050. A six-foot rise by 2100 is also on tap according to this ideological non-profit.

But there is no actual evidence to support any of those hyperbolic claims.

No change or acceleration in sea level at nearby Seavey Island since 1930

So, attempting to pry tax dollars or any dollars out of people–especially an extra ten million spot–is a special kind of fraud.

Again, if the plan put before private donors can shake out the necessary dollars, on honest terms so be it. And being the helpful sort of guy that I am might I suggest you reach out to (former dirty-coal billionaire) Tom Steyer. As an environmental activist, he has dumped more than the cost of the Park rehab into the campaigns of Democrats (or in opposition to their opponents) including some in New Hampshire. He’s also high up in the climate cult and a regular deep-pocketed doomsayer for the movement. If anyone can see the value of spending and extra $10-12 million to protect a park from sea-level rise, it’d be him.

If he’s too busy, Gary Hirschberg is another guy you should look up. As a beneficiary of local and national grants backed by taxpayers giving money out of his pocket for improvements to Prescott Park would be a great way for him to give back.

Limousine Liberals, open your hearts and your checkbooks, please.

“Saving” a park in a progressive town like Portsmouth would go a long way to demonstrating how serious they are about these advertised threats while they or their ilk continue to buy up swanky beach front, even on small islands that refuse to succumb to the narrative, as if they are immune to the impending coastal doom they preach.