Obama May Purchase Sea-Level Property on Martha’s Vineyard

by Steve MacDonald

Marthas vineyard3 Obama Undewater Presidential retreat

Future home of the Obama Family Underwater Presidential Museum?

On August 30th, Realtor.com reported speculation that the Obamas, former President, and the Mrs., are interested in two parcels along Red Gate Road in Martha’s Vineyard. Both are water-front abutting the sea and or Squibnocket pond, which will become part of the Atlantic should more than a decade of scaremongering from the Climatologist in chief come to pass as promised.

The parcels are Kennedy owned with values ranging from 10-12 million dollars (each), a huge portion of which will be ocean floor once the climapocalypse comes.

None of this appears to concern the former first-couple who vacationed there regularly and seem prepared to drop a very large “dime” to call a piece of the doomed island their very own.

H/T  New Media Militia

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  • Bruce Currie

    The land is probably safe for a few years. If memory serves, that’s the high end of the island. Aquinnah is listed at 98 feet above sea level, while Chilmark is at 91 feet. That end of the island is famous for its red cliff on the ocean–Gay Head.

    • Bryan W


      According to the Scriptures of Climate Change*:

      Film: “That is why the citizens of these Pacific nations have all had to evacuate to New Zealand.”

      Book p186: (showing a photo from one of the Tuvalu islands) “Many residents of low-lying Pacific nations have already had to evacuate their homes because of rising seas.”


      Film & Book p196: “IF Greenland broke up and melted, or if half of Greenland and half of West Antarctica broke up and melted, this is what would happen to the sea level . . .” “sea levels worldwide would increase by between 18 and 20 feet.”

      So, islands have had to be evacuated already, and the conditions could exist to raise sea level significantly.

      Ergo, Bruce must be a denier. Someone please confiscate his Minister of Global Climate Change card.

      * An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore (Peace be upon Him)

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