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There is No Ball

Do New Hampshire Democrats have their priorities straight?  Think about it.  The economy is creeping along.  No one is projecting even moderate growth.  Employment is likely to remain flat which means unemployment is as well.   All in all, the best we can hope for, according to all the ‘experts’ is to drift along for a while.  So what are New Hampshire Democrats doing?

In one of the safest states in the nation, with some of the most–dare I say liberal–gun laws in the country, they are investing their energy on harassing a Republican Senator (Kelly Ayotte) who doesn’t even have to run for office until 2016, over a vote that wouldn’t even do much if any good to solve the problem they claim it is meant to resolve; while at the exact same time,  asking New Hampshire taxpayers to let them grow the size and cost of government as much as 10%.

Economy sucks, maybe 2% growth if we’re lucky over the next few years–New Hampshire Democrats want to give the government a permanent 9-10% raise.

Talk about not keeping your eye on the ball.

Wait.  This is supposed to be like the Matrix, right.  There is no ball.  Look- Ayotte!

The Ayotte thing must be some kind of distraction to keep us from talking about how Maggie Hassan and the Democrat majority House is demanding 7-8% more money from you than the economy is likely to produce.  And why would they want to talk about that?  If the economy can’t bear the weight then this can only mean that you will need to take an 8% cut from your budget so they can growth theirs.

And we don’t want to talk about how the Hew Hampshire Democrat party is bringing in outside money, outside victims as props, and investing all their time on a distraction issue that will not put food on your table, nor get you a job, nor a raise, wont incentivize more businesses to come here or start here, and wont even begin to help pay for their bloated budget.  (Even the Casino Fairy can’t save the day, even it arrives at all.)

Here’s an Idea?  We could sell congressperson Carol Shea-Porter to District two, and then sell Ann Kuster to district One, declare double the revenue, and call the budget balanced.  That’s even better than selling a stretch of highway from one state agency to another and calling that new revenue as well.

But hey, that’s how New Hampshire Democrats get it done.  Move to chairs around the same table and look – Two new chairs!

Which is probably why they don’t want to talk about how they are trying to grow state government at 500% the projected rate of growth.   No, let’s talk about NRAyotte, who, by the way, does not appear to have ever received any campaign donations from the NRA–not that I could find at least, though that’s not even the issue.   And sure, you could call ad support by the NRA an in-kind donations, but then you could also call making taxpayers pay for an Obama campaign visit an in-kind donation but then that would be racist.

But lets not get distracted by that.  Lets focus on how New Hampshire Democrats need to distract you from their budgetary abuses instead.  Let’s talk about raising taxes that will take more money out of your pocket at a time you can probably least afford it.  Why?  Does it matter?  Democrats will grow government just to grow it.  They did in from 2007-2010, why would they stop now?

Nope.  We’re not going to talk about that.  We’re going to talk about the vote of a US Senator on a bill that not only would not solve the problem they claim it exists to solve, it is a bill that New Hampshire doesn’t even need.

(More on that, in the next post)