OK, so where DOES it state "Separation of Church & State" in the Constitution? - Granite Grok

OK, so where DOES it state “Separation of Church & State” in the Constitution?

For many, the answer is “er, somewhere in there”.  For others, it’s an inside joke (watch and find out).

I agree with the Professor – what has come to pass was never written at all.  This is splendid discussion of what I have posited in the past – that perhaps it is time to bring out the “shovel” and get rid of the legal casework that has been heaped upon the Constitution (re: law students studying case law instead of the Constitution itself, like students, K-12, only reading commentaries of subjects instead of reading the source materials) and ‘common knowledge’ put around it.

The Constitution was written, IMHO, for the average man of the time.  Any of us can pick it up and read what should be plain and simple words.  And in that attitude, go read the First Amendment and ask yourself – have we strayed afar?  And if so, why haven’t we gone back?

Who benefits if we do not?

(H/T: The Blaze)