PETA To Use Drones to Track Hunters - Granite Grok

PETA To Use Drones to Track Hunters

“People should go to the store and buy the meat they make there, not kill animals for food.”  —PETA

drone-huntingPETA is actively looking into a drone program to surveil  hunters. PETA has taken notice of the ever- increasing use of drones for nonmilitary purposes. Drones are now used in  fighting wildfires and in search-and-rescue missions.  PETA is now planning and forming capital to purchase a drone to spy on hunters. PETA claims it will be conducting surveillance on hunters to ensure  they do not, “terrorize animals,” or break game laws.

PETA has sought out an Australian-based drone manufacturer named Aerobot  to discuss the products that would fit with PETA’s mission objective.

“Terrorize Animals…” we know what PETA will do with these drones…Its pure hunter harassment. The pretext of exposing game law violations is a red herring. We all know how PETA operates. They are ec0-terrorists, in my view. And in their view, to terrorize an animal would be to simply pursue it. If ever there was a term coined, “Organizational window-lickers,” such a reference would be exclusively the province of all things PETA. Breaking Game laws is also a red herring because PETA people don’t read the laws. PETA would likely call out one they perceive to be breaking a law, only to find out otherwise…What one will be left with is Hunter Harassment…Which is illegal in many states, New Hampshire being one.

But I think if you ask most avid hunters about this drone program, they are going to be more amused than outraged…chances are, because like me, they picture themselves concocting a way to shoot such a drone out of the sky. Most of your bird hunters who shoot on wing already possess the marksmanship skills necessary to do so.