“Honor Your Oath” Rally - NH State Reps John Hikel and Dan Itse - Granite Grok

“Honor Your Oath” Rally – NH State Reps John Hikel and Dan Itse

Verified Complaint of Breach of Oath of Office and Conspiracy against Rights

At the rally yesterday, the next speaker was NH State Rep. John Hikel.  As the above line (and link) shows, he along with Jack Kimball signed the complaint that was delivered to the correct authorities on Thursday. The reason?  If you swear an oath, there is the expectation that you will keep your promise as there is still great emphasis put on the phrase “A man’s word is his bond”.  I have been writing about Trust lately and in the case of our elected leaders, we do expect some semblance of acknowledgement of the purpose of their service and that is “we will not violate the Constitution and its values”.  That, of all things, should be the minimum of expectations of actions by them.

Why should we not keep folks accountable?  For if you break your bond, what good are you?  If you cannot keep your promises (and yes, we can excuse and forgive the ocassional “Oopsies!”), what good are you?  And if you are merely mouthing the words and your imaginary fingers crossed behind your back as you do this, why shouldn’t we give you a collective (um, one of the few times that word makes sense) “SCREW YOU” and have you suffer the consequence of LYING?  If you CANNOT or WILL, then we should remove you, yes?  This is not a partisan thing – for I believe there are both Republicans AND Democrats who have failed to uphold the basics!

And yes, WMUR’s Jimmie Pindell, this is also part of the answer to your question!

Here is John Hikel explaining why he signed and delivered his Complaint and NH State Rep Dan Itse fulfilling his role, once again, on the importance of part of the Constitution:


NH State Rep John Hikel                                                     NH State Rep Dan Itse

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