Timmyz In For A Rude Awakening

“Truth never penetrates an unwilling mind.”  – J. L. Borges

Joseph M. Gallagher - No Such address - stole your vote in 2000
Joseph M. Gallagher – No Such address

Like most people who foment voter fraud, either by assisting in it or simply ignoring its existence, Rep Timothy Horrigan (D- Land of Voter Fraud) are not long for a very rude awakening.  But in advance of this tumultuous awakening, Horrigan is quoted by WMUR in defense of his bill to repeal the New Hampshire voter ID law currently in place.

Rep. Timothy Horrigan, D-Durham, argued for repeal, saying the voter ID law is “an excessive solution to a virtually nonexistent problem.” Horrigan said no evidence of voter fraud exists in the state.

Emphasis mine.

Repeal was not embraced, though the Democrats have halted any additional provisions until the AG is done lying about the existence of voter fraud, much the way every AG has for most of (at least) the last decade.

The problem is not that it does not exist, it is that either no one wants to be bothered or the fraud favors those tasked with the looking.

Pursuing it would be tedious and time consuming.  Uncovering it might implicate the wrong people, and require action and enforcement.  The government-centric bureaucratic culture would rather remain unwilling and indifferent, even dismissive.   Departments need money, fraud might expose advocates of more spending, uncovering fraud is counter-productive to the need for an ever-expanding bureaucracy.

The same sort of person who would  make excuses for  the theft of other people’s property via laws they have written to rob them of it are  simply far more likely to engage in the kinds of policy or shenanigans that ensures they are or remain in power.  Bureaucrats have budgets they like to see grow.  Public unions want higher wages, more benefits, better perks.  It’s a three-way made in heaven.

There is no incentive for the state to give its own ballot boxes a colonoscopy.  The results are detrimental to its desire to expand.  And no New Hampshire AG is ever going to come back with a report that says there is fraud, or enough fraud, to warrant any check on the ability of the grow-government first politicians who stuff the bureaucrats pockets with bigger budgets to warp election law to their best possible advantage.

The truth is that we have over a decade of evidence, although I must admit that November 2012 looks as if it may well prove to be a record breaking year.

I promised not to reveal any details but there are details–lots of them.  And they are coming like a freight train toward Mr. ‘no evidence of voter fraud’ Horrigan and his merry band of complicit leftists.    The case for Id, in fact, is so strong now that those who oppose it may well be in danger of being laughed right out of the state.

But you stick to your narrative Mr. Horrigan.  Never let the truth penetrate your unwilling mind.  We prefer it that way.  It will make the rude awakening that much more entertaining to watch.