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The War on Poor Children by Religious Bigots in New Hampshire


There is an excellent article over at Math Wizards, on the effort by some in New Hampshire to repeal a scholarship program for poor kids titled “HB370: A WAR ON POOR CHILDREN IN NEW HAMPSHIRE by RELIGIOUS BIGOTS?”

The article observes that opponents are pointing to the NH State constitution as a reason for repeal, but then walks you through a) how the Blaine Law that was the source for Article 83 is religious bigotry, b) how the constraints of article 83 don’t even apply to the program they seek to repeal, and c) that local districts (and this is something I have pointed out repeatedly) still end up with all kinds of local tax money and no student to spend it on.

So the real problem is that the people who object to poor kids getting private scholarship money from New Hampshire business owners either have the constitutional agility of a small soap dish, are paid hacks of some monolithic special interest who are clinging to power, or they hate poor kids.

I’m not averse to the presumption that opponents have internalized all three.

Check out the article.    It is well worth your time, and your brain will thank you for making it smarter.