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The Shrill Kathy On Fame And Infamy

“Let your family, staff, and friends know that you’re still the same person, despite all the publicity and notoriety that accompanies your position.” —Donald Rumsfeld 

Kathy_Sullivan_Shrill_KathyKathy Sullivan, in an opposite editorial yesterday asked in the Union Leader, “Is Bill O’Brien really better known than Franklin Pierce? Naturally, this was yet another hit piece on Bill O’Brien. Ben Franklin once quipped, “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.

Politics meets social science. Result?  A conflation of unintended consequences… the outcomes of which were neither foreseen nor intended.  It was the Shrill Kathy and her pissy, whiny sycophantic pols that set about the task of seeking to  feverishly destroy and disassemble the speaker during his tenure as such. Never an opportunity was missed to utter that ever-so-famous template before the darlings of the press to either caricature O’Brien or say that now-famous mantra, “the extreme right wing legislature and its leader.” Yet, while clamoring to decry the legislature,  Speaker O’Brien was only burgeoned with a larger-than-life profile, thanks to the likes of Kathy and her crowd.

Filling the  UL page with 770 words of  the expected and usual typical democrat locution, this recent diatribe is unique because the shrill Kathy seeks to persuade…to implore  the reader to not view Bill O’Brien as better-known than Franklin Pierce. The Shrill Kathy then continues on in her silly way to make the argument that O’Brien is simply not worthy of the fame or notoriety he now garners.  For better or worse, the unwashed masses have opinions, be they positive or negative about others, and all of the Shrill Kathy’s caterwauling cannot unsow those seeds.

Irish Poet, Novelist and Playwright Brendan Beehan once said, “There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary,” and much to Shrill Kathy’s shagrin and dismay, Bill O’Brien is alive…well, and still kicking.  The leftist Granite State media mouthpieces were all too willing to attack O’Brien and obviously, there are few in the Granite State who do not know who he is now. That bell has been rung and now Shrill Kathy wants to un-ring it. How funny is that?

Showing us some crumbs of silly journalism Shrill Kathy offers up Franklin Pierce, a drunk and a slavery panderer (also known to many college kids of the alma mater as, ‘Franks and Beers‘), and William Plumer–a racist, as alternative, notable, but memorable figures. How weak is that?

I am sure writing these nonsense op-eds proves personally cathartic for the Shrill Kathy. After all, liberal-progressive politics live in the realm of visceral emotional nonsense. Bill O’Brien. Love him or hate him, he is in fact larger than life. The Shill Kathy and her cadre of Champagne Socialists built that very  imprint and now they want to render him sans relevent, when what they built comes back like a trojan horse. Keep trying, we’re all laughing.