Obamacare claims more victims: Juicy Couture. Clueless employees, though - Granite Grok

Obamacare claims more victims: Juicy Couture. Clueless employees, though

Capitalism is easy to understand; here are Skip’s Rules:

  • Rule Number 1: The company owns the job.  Not you.  While good employers care about their employees, the Company comes first, long term.
  • Rule Number 2: Companies exist to make a profit. You have their job until you no longer help them make a profit.
  • Rule Number 3: This really should not exist but does because Socialists / Progressives / Fascists are trying to turn Companies into mere extensions of Government
  • Rule Number 4:  Given that Rule #3 now exists, Companies will react to it in ways that will ensure Rule #2 is fulfilled.

Corollary for Statists everywhere: TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) – and those that support them.  This post uses them all.  Here, Rule #3 is coming into the forefront of C-level execs, more and more, because several Obamacare cliffs are rushing at them. And now, some clueless retail employees at Juicy Couture are rather upset that their hours are being cut, and as the post says, they are demanding “just hours.”  And if they are “hip” shop, you can believe that oldy /moldies like me would probably not be out there on the retail floor – these would be the young  hipsters (and as it turns out, stupid and clueless for not being able to string  moves together and see where it ends) who voted for Obama:

You see, according to the campaign, the hip and trendy Juicy is doing what other companies are doing in an effort to cope with the burdensome regulations and costs of the “Affordable Health Care Act” (aka ObamaCare)–the company is downsizing its full-time payroll to (mostly) part-time workers.

Mistake: they believe that Rule #1 doesn’t exist and that Rule #2 is trumped (or, is that “Obama’d”?) by Rule #3.  They don’t understand that when you electorally support certain people who support certain policies you are SURE will benefit you personally, be sure that TANSTAAFL will enter the arena in which you are standing.  And it did:

While employees seem shocked that their ranks are thinning from 128 full-time employees to 19, they really shouldn’t be outraged at their employer, as opposed to angry with themselves for supporting such an inanely-written law.

When Darrell and I started at Juicy Couture a few years ago, many of us were full-time. Now, only 19 of the store’s 128 employees are full-time! Not only are they firing full-time workers and replacing us with a part-time workforce, just this month Juicy capped all part-time workers hours at 21 hours per week. We quickly realized that Juicy Couture is doing everything they can to not take care of its workers.

See, it was hard enough for us to make ends meet in New York City as full-time retail workers. But by keeping hours under 30 per week, Juicy Couture will no longer be required to offer their workers affordable health care – part of the Affordable Health Care Act’s plan to make sure more working Americans have basic health care. Further, we were told we’re only eligible for paid time off in case we’re sick or have other responsibilities if we work 1400 hours in one year. We did the math, and realized part-time workers would never hit the 1400 hours in a year at 21 hours per week. This means that the vast majority of Juicy Couture’s workers will not ever get one single paid sick day. [Emphasis added.]

Welcome to Cicero’s “you may not be interested in politics, but be assured that politics is interested in you”.  The Progressives have their own modern take on it: Politics is personal and the personal IS politics.  In other words, Progressives are making EVERYTHING political (with glee, none of this “can’t you just leave me alone!” with them) and these youngsters are learning this Progressive lesson for them up close, personal, and HARD.

(H/T: RedState)