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Easter Tomfoolery With Guns

“I’ve had great success being a total idiot.”  —Jerry Lewis

idiot-nation-stencil_smalltom·fool·er·y  (Noun) Foolish or silly behavior. Synonyms: foolery – silliness – foolishness – buffoonery.

Yesterday, four individuals stopped their vehicle along Interstate 93 North, near the 293/93 fork, parked, unloaded some guns and proceeded to engage in target practice along side the highway, along the area of 1793 Bodwell Road. As Police responded, they discovered the targets had been erected in such a manner that the direction of bullets fired was toward the interstate…where cars…with people were traveling North.

Sherif Hashem, 31, of Boston, Bryan Sola, 33, of Southington, Conn., and Sean Kelly, 20,  and Adam Kelly,27,  both of Windham were arrested on Felony Reckless conduct charges.  Manchester Police Sergeant John Patti said it is not believed the men were intentionally trying to hit passing cars, but told the Union Leader  their target was 86 yards away from a berm just off the interstate. “They were very careless and reckless in erecting a target so close to the highway and shooting in the direction of the highway,” Patti told the UL.


One has to wonder, What in the heck were these idiots thinking?” Clearly they have been living on another planet. Putting aside the legal considerations, these idiots had no business in possession of firearms. Total incompetents.

I am especially proud of the over all firearms and shooting sports community. We as a community have  an impeccable safety record. Respect is part of our personal muscle memory, always keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. “Places to shoot,” is a never ending topic on message boards and within the community ad nauseum because “location” is a paramount element in firearm safety. Indeed, our peer mantra is the five basic rules: 1) ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction; 2) ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot; 3) ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use; 4) ALWAYS treat every gun as if it were loaded; 5) ALWAYS know your target and what is beyond.  Ask any responsible firearm owner what these fundamental rules are, most, if not all can tell you without thinking about it. It is simply ingrained in the responsible firearm owner.

But it is bugging me to know why these idiots would think this is okay in the first place? Then I wonder, this cadre… One from Boston, a state with notoriously HUGE EPIC gun control; Another from Connecticut…ALSO HUGE EPIC gun control, and the, “Bobbsey Twins,” Adam and Sean from Windham…Perhaps they are nothing  more than that small vein of  that contemptible “Mass-hole” transplants who think Granite Staters are a bunch of gun-toting hayseed hicks who shoot gratuitously and anywhere. I can only speculate. Nevertheless, the strange irony is that they were within a 5-mile radius of about a half-dozen places where they could have safely engaged in target practice.

Some might fret  and worry over this incident thinking that the gun-grabbing anti-second amendment, Kool-Aid drinking, corrupt liberals now seated in Concord will respond in Knee-jerk fashion, calling for a new layer of gun laws. And, Perhaps some will. Tis the season of the Witch, you know, with Terie Norelli as speaker, Maggie, “the Red” Hassan as Governess and Laura Pantelakos as Chair of Criminal Justice and Public Safety. Ah…No matter.

Liberals are all too predictable. First, they will paint these guys as card-carrying NRA members, regardless of whether they are or are not. Somehow, in the liberal psyche (or psychosis) NRA membership denotes nuttiness, irrespective of the vast and wide advocacy of the NRA’s safety advocacy for organized, structured safety programs and mentoring.  Second, They will conflate this one incident to a status of, “appearing to happening very often,”(we call it smoke and mirrors) saying the children are just not safe. Finally, they will ask for more, “sensible gun policy,” that being speech code for restricting or taking away guns. The usual anti-gun pejoratives will follow where we will be called every name in the book. And the only ones allowed to cry foul are liberals, when painting with that very broad brush

The bright news in all of this is that the vast majority of people will see this for what it is. A quad of lame-brained idiots who made an extremely bad judgment call, who are now arrested, charged and will be held accountable for their stupid behavior. And like me, most will condemn these idiots’ actions and realistically see them for what they are…idiots and  not at all a part of the larger extremely safe gun community.  Either way, this behavior was not at all useful with all that is being said about guns in the lame stream media. Its just plain tomfoolery.